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Thread: Bill & Ted Face The Music

  1. WTF Bill & Ted Face The Music

    William Sadlerís in it.

    Pretty Men Licking Feet
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  2. i am ready.

  3. On the one hand, it's disappointing how long it's taken this project to come together. On the other, the older Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter get the better the basic premise gets. So it's a break-even, I guess.

  4. Why is this even getting made? How did it even get green lit? Thereís no chance it will be good and zero chance it will make any money.

    ..... but I need to see it and itís on the top of my canít wait to see list.
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    Hopefully it will be so bad that it is good

    and has good robot uses.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    and has good robot uses.
    You mean fucking them robots, don't you?

    I know you do.

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    I'm not sure what that sentence means.

  8. you can read your us-es as uses.

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  10. A Swiss Army knife has many uses.
    An army of clones has many uses.


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