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Thread: Good Life Hacks

  1. Chu Good Life Hacks

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  2. I saw this video a while back. The same guy went on to finally rent an apartment and built a rock climbing wall in his living room.

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    If you need to change when you wake up, get a bag of chocolates or similar, put them by your bed and eat one at the time you want to get up. The primitive part of your brain will think that is the new eating time and start waking you up for it.

  4. I should start with eating breakfast, I guess.
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    Breakfast is for suckers.

  6. I would just eat all the chocolate before bed and have nightmares.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Breakfast is for suckers.

  8. I used to get nauseous if I ate anything before about 10am.
    Now I eat something small in the morning most days, like a bowl of oatmeal or a muffin, but I can't do big breakfast.

  9. What the fuck is wrong with you no-breakfast-eating pussies?

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    Iím too busy with your mother.


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