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Thread: Stadia: Onlive 2.0

  1. Stadia: Onlive 2.0

    Google unveiled their new game streaming service. Basically Onlive 2.0 on speed. If this takes off, it will definitely affect both consoles and PC gaming.

    I am not sure I want to live in that future.

    EDIT: Can a mod change the title to "Google Stadia: Onlive 2.0"
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    Streaming will likely be the future eventually but I don't know if the time is right yet. Lag and data caps are still issues for many people.

  3. Streaming is worthless for any kind of fast action game, and that's not going to change unless somebody finds a way to create quantum entanglement between the client and server.
    It's also going to be a huge bandwidth hog.

  4. Iím confused. I thought this was a streaming app but then I saw hardware specs. How does one dude on a console and one dude on Chromecast work equitably?

  5. The hardware specs they are boasting are for the datacenters running the actual games. You just need Chrome compatible device to run it (or that custom controller).

  6. Gotcha.

  7. Onlive was ok from the bit I played. Google has a better chance of making this work though, but thereís no way we are going to be playing at 4k and 60fps anytime soon. They are saying that would take a 150 meg connection. What happens when someone starts a 4k Netflix movie in my house? My game craps out. Thanks but no thanks. Iíll stick with consoles for a bit longer. I can game in 4k right now without having to worry about latency or my image quality taking a nose dive.

    Howís the PC community going to embrace this? You wonít be able to mod shit.
    Korly-"Everyone here is an asshole, SURPRISE!"

  8. Too early for this tech to be the standard in the industry for reasons stated above. This will go about as well as Google + .

  9. Is PlayStation Now still a thing?
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  10. Yeah but I don't use it.


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