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Thread: Whole bunch of stuff.

  1. Int the Saturn stick, Ro3K 4, Virtual On, and KOF97 if they are not claimed.

  2. My fiancee has all these ones at her mom's place (she sent me the pics today) so I won't actually have my hands on any of this til next weekend but I should be able to ship out shortly thereafter (and probably even do some testing or take better pics, but she thinks everything is complete).

    Let me work up some prices (i've barely looked yet) but as far as I'm concerned I'll hold them for whoever speaks up first!

    p.s. she's now mad at me for posting that pic with all the tangled up controllers hahaha
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    Just putting it out there, but if anyone sees my sister's doing this on facebook, let them know I will murder them.

  4. LMAO. Ten times I ask "ARE YOU SURE HE'S OKAY WITH THIS?" "Yes! Yes!"

  5. Got my paws on most of the games (none of the hardware; it might be a while for that, she fit as much as she could in her luggage! heh!) - in general they all look pretty awesome. Many of the jewel cases have light scuff marks, but nothing serious. If there is a crack in a case I took a close-up photo of it. But basically all of the paper materials are in very good to perfect condition, and the discs themselves all look pretty darn pristine. Minus a finger print or two and some dust, I didn't see any glaring scratches - but I am also happy to test anything if you ask. (Assuming my Saturn and PSX still work. Been awhile.)

    Okay, this is how I would like to proceed. I've been doing a little research on -some- (not even all) of these games and... I honestly don't know what to list for asking. The range on some of them is all over the place. My fiancee just asks that I get comparable prices to what these would go for on ebay.

    So, I took multiple, well-lit, high-resolution photos of everything. You can click on a title to see them each in this document:

    Send me a PM (or email if you prefer; with an offer that you think is fair and I will happily consider it. Would like to consider everything in the next week or so before these go on ebay.

    If you already responded in this thread about something, you have first dibs and I will negotiate with you first...

    hope this is a reasonable way to approach.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    There was a Toshinden Game Boy game?
    Heh, I never knew that either.
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  7. Are the GB/GBC/GBA games all cart only or do you have boxes and manuals for them?
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  8. Cart only, I'm afraid. I just updated that document (some more just sold on ebay last night). - anything with a blank space is still available. Willing to let most of those go REALLY cheap.

    also I just made a new view of that document that only shows what is still available:
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  9. Just saw your list. I wasn't interested in the Xmen vs SF. I was just commenting on the fact it's going for way more money then it should be. I am interested in Castlevania tho. Not sure how much you'd be asking for it since the prices went beyond stupid but shoot me a PM later.
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  10. Castlevania, sold!
    If you didn't PM me to talk about something specific, i'll probably be putting most of these on ebay in the next few days.


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