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Thread: Whole bunch of stuff.

  1. Whole bunch of stuff.

    Nothing amazing, a lot of garbage my old roommate left me, but there are a few little gems. Thought I'd link. I don't usually do this... if you wanna make me a direct offer just PM me. Would rather send anything to a good home!

    Mostly Xbox OG, a little 360, quite a few Game Boy games, some GBA and DS.

    I haven't listed everything yet, here's the whole list:

    And this is the list that only shows what's still available:
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  2. There was a Toshinden Game Boy game? That's wild.

    And it looks like it's... kind of cool?
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  3. You have some neat stuff in there. Good luck with your sales.~
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  4. Game Boy Toshinden felt a lot like the SNK fighters for the system. I think Takara made them all.

  5. Yes! It's funny you mention that. My cousin got that for me for my birthday one year. I didn't really know what it was then and I don't know if I do now, LOL. (But it was real nice of him to buy me a Game Boy game back in '96! Those buggers weren't cheap!)

    thanks for the interest and kind words y'all!

  6. Throwing up a few more, my fiancee is ransacking her brother's old room. ha. Some interesting ones though. I've never seen tall (Saturn-esque) Playstation cases like these ones. (Speaking of Battle Arena Toshinden...)

    And a nice Dreamcast fighting stick.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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  7. I had a few like that. They used the same giant fragile jewel cases as Saturn and Sega CD games for a brief period before going with cheaper cardboard cases of the same size.

    I think I had the same 3rd party Saturn pad. I can't remember if it was any good. I think it may have stopped working on me.

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    Hang on to that Raiden Project for a minute please.

  9. That Xmen SF PS1 is worth some cash.

    Edit: If Josh doesn't want that I'll def take it.
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  10. Throw out a number for everything.


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