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Thread: I don't understand gamer discourse at all

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    I would assume most dont have them all installed at 1 time

  2. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    I quite like having a console at these times.
    Fucking this 100%. I know I'm missing out on a lot of Steam exclusives but I'll just write it off as that I'll never play it and that's fine by me. Consoles at least have the option for both solid state and digital software. I'm an old fucker so I'll never be 100% in with a digital only future even tho I'm sure it's coming sooner or later. For me there's something to be said about "owning" a piece of software you can hold in your hands vs "leasing" the game.

    And heaven forbid some shit like a license runs out and the game is pulled from the online store meaning you can never download it ever again.

    I'm fucking looking at you Afterburner on PS3.
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    Ideally someone hacked the PC version and it becomes preserved forever and not locked to some console that never gets good pc emulation

  4. Another thing which can fuck off is DRM.
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  5. Modern consoles are just closed PC's now, and I have had far more problems with my XBOX One than I have ever had with my current PC. Between the network connection issues, weird bugs that require hard reboots, pitiful download speeds, huge downloads even for disc-based games, and system updates that only seem to occur after I decide to play a game, I have probably spent as much time over the past year troubleshooting and updating as I have playing games on it.

  6. Your Milage May Vary. My PS4 has been a darling of service-based merchandise for the duration outside of the occasional 'you must update your system software' download/install.

    I have not played a PC game since the PS3 generation.
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    I don't even the rage I mean )#@($@IU_+FJ$(U#()IRFK)_#
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  7. BonusKun, EDF4.1 on PC changed my mind. That thing runs like a dream and the PS4 version is more of a slide show in comparison.

  8. I only use my PS4 for Sony exclusives and stuff like Pinball arcade. I don’t Online game much anymore, so it’s pretty much 50% PC gaming, 25% PS4 and 25% older consoles.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    I only use my PS4 for Sony exclusives and stuff like Pinball arcade. I don’t Online game much anymore, so it’s pretty much 50% PC gaming, 25% PS4 and 25% older consoles.
    @KoF, I'll take a look at it now that you've got my curiosity piqued.

    I only play one online game and even then it's not as much as I used to. I play a lot more older console games then I do newer stuff but I admit the PS4 and Switch have held a place in my heart.

    If anything it's probably why I'm such a huge fan of Lazy Game Reviews on YT. The guy's like of old PC gaming hits me right in the feels.
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  10. I’ve been playing the remastered version of StarCraft. I’ve also been getting an itch to play the Amiga soon.

    My dad isn’t going to be around much longer. His health has been on the decline for some time now. I’m hoping to get his old Windows 98 IBM PC, if it still works.
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