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Thread: Hating On Star Wars Sequels Since 1983

  1. SJW's very well established as a term that the absolute worst shitlords imaginable have squatted on and taken ownership of. The sentiment has some merit sometimes but if you don't want to be mistaken for those types, probably stay away from it.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    I liked the new robot mask girl character in TRoS. She was interesting.
    she didn't stick around after the celebration, she had to go clean up Zebes

  3. Talia rip confirmed.

    I saw this again and it made it pretty clear how TLJ disrupted and caused a rushed pace to Rise of Skywalker’s story (Ben’s knights were just guys standing around on rocks). The art direction around the sith stuff was really great. And the amount of worlds they visited was good too. If half of this stuff had been given movement and process in the 2nd instalment this would’ve been a much different movie. Oh well.

    I think any term used to summarize an aggressive social movement will ruffle feathers (particularly sensitive bois like bbobb). It’s pretty clear characters and moments in more modern Disney are marketed to keep that demo from lighting up Twitter. In the new trilogy it created weird romantic confusion because they went halfsies in to it though. Were Poe and Finn gay (My wife thought they were a thing)? But wasn’t Finn in a bit of a love triangle w Rey and Kylo? Oh they’re just friends. But wait are Finn and Rose a thing? Is Poe joking around w Zori about kissing or did they have a thing? I think it was cowardly putting gay undertones then giving them female relationships too. Go with gay if that’s the choice. The gay vibe between Poe and Finn was just funner (“Some day you’ll tell me where you learned to do that!” as Finn gives him an Mmm hmm look). Then they gave us a token lesbian kiss they could cut around for conservative markets. Unsure what to make of it. Rey and Ben has a clear moment at least.

    I’m more disappointed in the skywalker trilogy than the prequels because it had some depth of ideas and great style. Missed potential. W the prequels I knew it would be a cg clusterfuck.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by cka View Post
    she didn't stick around after the celebration, she had to go clean up Zebes
    lol Took me a moment to catch this...
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL

  5. Finally got around to seeing this and... meh.

    Lots and lots of issues but at least I didn't have to watch Hayden Christiansen

  6. I expected it to suck like the last movie, but it was okay.
    Some lazy weekend I'll watch the trilogy and maybe see things differently, but it seemed to be more of a sequel to RotJ rather than TLJ.

  7. I’ve tried watching it several times. Cant get through it.

  8. #98
    Its objectively bad and feels like fanfiction. The maleficent movies are the same way. They feel like stories a kid would tell a dad while he's driving and he's only half listening.

    "I love horses, we'll have horses on the star destroyer thing and then palps will hit them with his power noodles wah wah wah and they will fall but then they will do the thing and not fall and then they will throw the bomb and and"

    That's who talks parents into spending 3k on a disney trip so I guess mission accomplished.

    It will be interesting to see where this franchise is in another 15 years. Will these kids still be into it or will this be lame kid shit? It's pretty mainstream now Nd most teenagers drop that shit like hot coals.

  9. Still haven't seen TLJ or TROS. Don't wanna.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    It's pretty mainstream now Nd most teenagers drop that shit like hot coals.
    Kids today are into mainstream shit now more than ever. It's like having access to the vastness of the internet has narrowed everyone's view considerably instead of expanding it.

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    That has been my experience. We had an intern with a masters in stats. Never saw ghostbusters. But he had played an insane amount of civilization. And we had a new female engineer that had never seen any alien movies. And a couple people under 30 that had never seen Godzilla.

    These kids aren't living in the same world we did. These are all AA or AAA titles. They now play the shit out of them on tbs, TNT, whatever stations during the holidays. Theaters even replay Ghostbusters and there have been two or three new Godzilla movies.

    But they dont live in that world. They have like 3 or 4 things they like and become hyper focused.

    I'm convinced late 70s, 80s kids are going to become their own generation in retrospect. We had the technology but a greater breath of exposure than the ones before and after. The Junkion generation, heads filled with piles and piles of media, art, games, experiences, etc.

    There are exceptions, like instagram nerd girls that like to thrift and dig and dig into old stuff and compete with each other on how hidden and unknown they can dig up. But it's a big shift with young nerdy men.

    It's pretty obvious when you see people under 28 doing game history videos, write ups and ignore huge swaths of companies that aren't american or nintendo. All that other stuff just isnt in their field of vision.


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