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Thread: Hating On Star Wars Sequels Since 1983

  1. Quote Originally Posted by BerringerX View Post
    I dug the flick, but take that with a grain o' salt.

    My reputation here has proven my bad taste...
    You forgot to mention that you went in with low expectations.

  2. Saw it, liked it. I think it's the strongest of this trilogy. Considering the direction they went in with the previous film, this one wrapped things up well, I think. My opinion might change with additional viewings, but I came out from this with a much higher opinion than I had of LJ.

  3. I think overall it was good. Not as good as TFA but much much better than TLJ. Specially considering what JJ had to work with, this feels very much like ohh god we need to make some huge course corrections here. They jammed a lot into this movie, and I do think the pacing suffers for it. Honestly I think this probably could have been a 3 hour movie, just to let some areas breath a bit more. I also think that the first half of this movie should have been the basis for movie 8, and the second half movie 9, and you would have ended up with a much better trilogy. Obviously some story bits would need to be changed and some things moved around, expanded upon etc, but it would have just worked so much better.
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  4. From what I hear, you're right, John. Not having seen it yet (so I could be talking out of my ass), but it feels like they totally just pulled Palpatine out of their asses for this movie...there's NO WAY he was in the plans when they made TFA or TLJ, IMO. In almost every review I've read, his inclusion is the most criticized aspect of the movie. Would you agree, or is it not that bad? I mean, he fact that he has an unexplained, hidden fleet of star destroyers all equipped with DEATH STAR SUPERLASERS seems way silly.

    *EDIT* Just read an interview with Ian McDiarmid confirmed that Lucas considered Palpatine 100% dead. But apparently Lucas also planned on doubling down on his midichlorians bullshit in the treatments he originally wrote for the new trilogy (that Disney tossed in the trash), so take that as you will.
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  5. The concept of Palpatine returning from the dead and attacking with a fleet of super powerful ships isn't new.

  6. My thoughts without spoilers:

    Not awful but not good. It’s a first draft. Messy, rushed, heavy on exposition. Gets the job done but with a lot of unnecessary scenes, and no courage. And “getting the job done” is noticeably not a high enough bar. Game of Thrones “got the job done.” (Note, this is nowhere near as bad as the GoT ending.) Undid the things I liked in TLJ.

    Both Chewie and 3PO do nothing after their key scenes. Shit, Chewie is really just there to be there, his scene isn't even key. That explosion really should have been Chewie's end, and after they got the translation from 3PO something should have gone wrong & deactivated him. R2 did nothing. Rose did nothing. Meriadoc Brandybuck did nothing. Maz Kanata. Why bother with any of them? Rey's story could have remained almost entirely the same, without her being an actual Palpatine, and still been fine (probably would have been better). Holy shit what a waste of the mirror scene & dark side Rey. Palpatine being back is banal. Redemption via ultimate sacrifice? Yawn.

    Anyway, the Carrie Fisher tribute was good. The tie-in to the Mandalorian was not needed but added to the scene. Han telling Ben "I know" was good. Yellow lightsaber was neat.

    My ranking of canon Star Wars:

    1) The Empire Strikes Back
    2) The Last Jedi
    3) A New Hope
    4) Return of the Jedi
    5) Rogue One
    6) The Force Awakens
    7) Solo
    8) Revenge of the Sith
    9) The Rise of Skywalker
    10) The Phantom Menace
    11) Attack of the Clones

    I count those Auralnauts versions as canon, too, because I love them more than most of the other movies. They all go between Last Jedi and New Hope.
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  7. Callianders ranking is correct.
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  8. Eh, I don't think the revelations were any more forced than Lucas revealing that Luke had a sister halfway through the 3rd film, who just happened to be the very princess Luke had been trying to bed for years.

    I would rank them thusly:

    1 - ESB
    2 - ANH
    3 - ROTJ
    4 - Rogue 1
    5 - ROS
    6 - ROTS
    7 - TFA
    8 - Solo
    9 - TLJ
    10 - AOTC
    11 - TPM

  9. My theory is that JJ really wanted to be given the reins to Pirates of the Caribbean and Disney stuck him on this and he's being all passive-aggressive about it.

    He's 2 for 2 with wasting half his SW movies' runtime with FIND THE MAP FER THE HIDDEN TREASURRRRRRE.

  10. Star Wars is for sissies!
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