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Thread: Sega Genesis/Megadrive Mini (Official Thread)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Thinking about this, a certain former poster used to advocate buying used as to not support certain publishers.
    I think it's kinda fucked up. Doesn't it put you in the douche seat?
    I deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but you don't deserve any compensation from it. Weird message to send.

    p.s. and of course I'm not against the sale of used items, I just find it to be a dishonest justification.
    I am fine sitting in the throne of douche.

  2. isn't that just a bidet?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    I sorta remember that dust up. Dude creating a sorta new to market thing and then people getting pissed he wasn't forthright with the technology behind it. He probably was a dick about it, but I would be to when I'm trying to launch something and people want me to make it easier for some other dude to create a competing product. At least with the NT.

    But I think the hate goes back to the wood grain Neo Geos or something.
    My two biggest issues was he refused to answer if he was saccing original NES PPUs to make this thing and was advertising this thing as having "Stereo" sound to which we all knew was utter bullshit.

    The thing is you could have it in terms of Stereo which was split so that the signal came out of two speakers but it will still a mono sound since you can't force games to play in stereo which were never designed for it in the 1st place. He ducked and avoided that question also when he was asked how he was going to pull off legit Stereo sound.

    To me the thing is if you're going to come on forums and messages boards peddling your wares, you need to be ready to answer legit questions and not cry to the moderators when people don't fully trust you to not answer the simplest of those questions. I admit the systems are nice and well made but what he did soured it for me so I'm not even considering giving him my money.

    I'll rather just do without.~
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    Also his cmvs systems were hacky pieces of shit. If he hadn't hired Kevtris (a cool dude who makes cool things) he'd be out of business.

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    So you're going to hurt kev to hurt the other guy?

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    Eh, I've made peace with it, Christoph is a lying douche but it's not like corporations are filled with the best people either. I have tons of 8bitdo controllers and Christoph is their CMO.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    isn't that just a bidet?
    A preowned bidet at that.

  8. Well, every bidet loses its luster once it's been used.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Vasteel View Post
    Playing the SNES Classic is better than an actual SNES
    Something didnít feel right with Star Fox. I know the game slows down on real hardware, but there are moments where my controls felt beyond laggy. Maybe using the Fight Commander wireless added even more lag?
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    I can't say. Ive played the shit out of the game both ways but only with stock wired controllers, and have never noticed anything off with it. It's possible I just didn't perceive it, or that the wireless introduces some lag.


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