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Thread: Raid Boss - Tabletop Kickstarter

  1. Thanks man! It's been so hectic, I haven't really been keeping things up to date over here. Right now we're reconfiguring our advertising for the final 3 days. Hitting the minimum at least is great because we can still take late pledges and hit further stretch goals...but I'd like to reach at least the 20k where we add illustration to all the Boss Deck cards. I think that's adds a lot of value in terms of presentation and stage-setting.

    I mean, if money keeps coming in steady enough, I'll just do it anyway regardless of "stretch goal". Some of the other things like character skill trees will show up in the expansion with a lot of other stuff if we don't hit it this time.

  2. This does look really rad, my first KS pledge in like 5 years. Looking forward to playing it.
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  3. Glad this was bumped. Put in a retailer pledge and shared on my store FB page, hope it helps.

  4. Thanks Timber, SSJN, it means a lot. There's stuff being worked on throughout (like the board right now), upgrading the box and and insert, so the game will definitely continue to improve right up until it gets sent to the printers.

  5. Woo glad I got on and checked this out before it ended! I've never really played games of this type but it will be fun to learn, and I just want an excuse to own a lot of FuryFox art! I'm glad to see you're still at it man, and that the hurdles of the last few years haven't slowed you down! Always loved your characters, I'm super excited to see all these things up close and oogle them.

  6. Awesome man, I think you'll like it. It has the same sort of sequencing puzzles in strat rpgs. We're also moving a lot of the boss info from their card to the board (no picking up boss to track their stats), so their art in particular will get a nice expanded crop.

  7. These type of games were never my thing growing up but it looks really nice so I'm wishing you best of success with this.
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  8. Thanks BK!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cowutopia View Post
    Hoooly shit FuryFox...Tell me you'll be at Pax Unplugged demoing this shit.
    We'll be at GenCon for sure, we're didn't make plans for PaxU yet so it might be too late, but the second things settle down I'll look into it.


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