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Thread: Raid Boss - Tabletop Kickstarter

  1. Raid Boss - Tabletop Kickstarter

    Hey everyone! It's been a f'n long time. I've been through some stuff, bad relationships, loss of home, and general existential waywardness, but through it all (2.5 years, woof), I've been working on a tabletop adaption of my still dormant video game project. I know some of you guys are into boardgames, as am I, and I'm really proud of how this turned out, and what it offers in that arena. It involves some co-op sequencing problems for smart people and everything was illustrated by yours truly (aka Dane Miner).

    Campaign is live now.

    I think we have our funding pretty well secured from a lot of prior commitments, so this is more of 'hey, this is what I've been up to, and I think it's worth sharing' than a plea for pledges, but I think gamers will get a kick out of this. Obviously, any buzz that gets out there for us is incredibly helpful, especially on Board Game Geek or Facebook (boo). Feedback, especially critical, is certainly welcome as well. Thanks for reading through or even checking out the campaign : )

    BGG RB Box TNL.jpg
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  2. Glad to see you back, hear you're probably doing better, and I'll look into supporting on the retailer level!

  3. Cool man, I appreciate it!

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    I'm in. I don't normally do kickstarters, but this game looks fucking rad so supporting a homie is just the icing on the cake.

    I'm glad things are looking up for you!
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  5. I have some thoughts/suggestions on the draft rules which I'd be happy to do a markup for in the next week. One thing I'm pretty sure of, you can't used tapped/untapped terminology in a game unless you want WOTC to sue you. But actually that mechanic for using assists I think is going to feel a bit clunky anyway, just a small used/unused token on the character card would work better I think.
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  6. Yeah, I knew about the 'tapped' terminology, my co-designer is a Magic nerd and it's probably instinct. The token for the assist being spent is a good idea though. We haven't had much in issue in playtests, but it can feel a little fussy turning the token when there's enough other items on the position tile, so we may go that direction.

    - He just wrote me back, and the patent on tapping has expired apparently. I guess it was also exclusive to cards and not the little tokens, but still. I thought it was still an issue as well. Thanks for looking through the rules. We have a nice file for the rulebook with graphics and whatnot, but it's the thing still most open to revision (it's layout, not the rules).

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Vasteel View Post
    I'm in. I don't normally do kickstarters, but this game looks fucking rad
    Thanks man! It's hard to illustrate that a game has good 'beats', or hits the appropriate notes on a challenge curve, but I think people will get a lot out of it. We couldn't do minis and oodles of touch-toys on this go, so we wanted to make sure the mechanics gave a lot to return to. Also, you guys might appreciate that the 'optimal' decision is frequently up for discussion, so people don't have defer to the table quarterback, or at least, feel confident that their line could be the one that will play out best.

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    Hoooly shit FuryFox...Tell me you'll be at Pax Unplugged demoing this shit.
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    How does this compare to Sentinels besides having better art? I'll watch the playthrough later...maybe I'd rather play it first myself.
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    Congrats on getting funded, Furyfox! I'm really looking forward to playing this and can't wait!
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