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Thread: This Month's Haul: May 2019

  1. Quote Originally Posted by NeoZeedeater View Post
    Lynx California Games is good but is missing way too much content. The Commodore 64 original and the Master System port are the best versions overall (all the events and each event controls smoothly). The Amiga version looks great but they botched the controls.
    The C64 version is the one I played. I think that my Lynx came with California games. I would have never bought it, because I never thought that the game was all that fun. The surfing was okay, but it got old really fast.
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  2. I've finally jumped into this rabbit hole. Can't wait for the actual things I needed it for to arrive.
    Click for full size


  3. very nice

  4. It's all part of my World Domination Via Youtube Channel master plan.
    Look forward to yet another video where someone "discovers" Metal Slug and proceeds to spend 16 minutes reciting wiki entries, oh yes indeed.

    I've been taking notes. The first 10 minutes of the video will have nothing to do with Metal Slug at all.

  5. Talking intro about what you are going to talk about: 1-2 min

    Intro music should be a snappy song that takes 30-45 seconds

    You already knocked off 30% of run-time.

  6. and the music MUST be game music, but most likely not from the game being discussed.

  7. What is that, an upscaler?
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  8. That one is built just to interface with MVS?
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  9. no, works with any jamma board.
    MVS was the last thing I bought it for...


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