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Thread: Playdate- New Ultra-Indie Handheld

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    I think it's cool. Might not be able to justify jumping in at $150, but we'll see.

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    The display has me interested, is this completely 1-bit? Seems fairly high resolution but all shading is done through dithering. Makes for a nice retro look, the predominantly dark games remind me of Virtual Boy.

    I don't know why a crank, maybe it will have a satisfying click.

    I don't know why we're whining about the price, aren't we all adults here now with disposable income? You guys buy all kinds of garbage. If it ends up looking good I'll just take on a second job or something like Kutaragi suggested.
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    Just because I can afford something doesn't mean it's worth the money.

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    I'll buy a system if there's one particular game I need to play so whatever. As an enthusiast that's just how it goes some times.
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  5. The crank is there because you would not be talking about this thing otherwise. Also because you're a bunch of ableist shitlords.

  6. Nah. Sometimes it's nice to look forward to something new, is all. This isn't PS5/Xbox Next or anything similar, but rather a fun surprise with the promise of some unique and quirky gaming. I've got less and less use for "thing I've seen a thousand times before" as time goes on, but a weird new handheld with unique games? Yeah, I'm interested in that. Playdate looks fun and weird, and I hope it lives up to its potential.

    And that the crank is super-sturdy, because moving parts are nothing but trouble.

  7. The price doesn't matter, but that B&W display in 2019? Yeah no. That alone is a deal killer. Sorry, I'm out.

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  8. I don't really mind monochrome screens, but I'm surprised they were able to source one.

  9. Balloon Fight style flappy flying might be fun with a crank.

  10. Horizontal Arkanoid might work.


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