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Thread: Playdate- New Ultra-Indie Handheld

  1. Playdate- New Ultra-Indie Handheld

    Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    I don't really mind monochrome screens, but I'm surprised they were able to source one.
    If its like TEs flagship product its a failed cell phone display.


  2. The price is such that these games would have to be pretty substantial, and I am sure they are not.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    If it’’s like TE’s flagship product it’’s a failed cell phone display.

    Really? I thought the screen on the OP1 was rather nice.
    Boo, Hiss.

  4. No, like, screens manufactured for a phone that didn't do so well so there were lots of them to buy up cheap.

    That's why they weren't on the market for a bit, they didn't have any screens. Allegedly. I think they just pulled the product, let people freak out and drive up the used market, then justify a ridiculous price increase that way.

  5. The price increase is nonsense, but I got paid.
    Boo, Hiss.

  6. If I had one, I'd have sold it too.

  7. #37
    Maybe Big the cat will get a game on this


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