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Thread: Playdate- New Ultra-Indie Handheld

  1. Playdate- New Ultra-Indie Handheld

    $150, black and white screen, plus pad, two buttons, and a hand-crank on the side. The $150 gets you the Playdate system plus the first dozen games, released one a week, each one a surprise. The first game is from Keita Takahashi. Needless to say, I'm in. I kind of love how weird and specialized it is.

  2. Teenage Engineering is involved in a gimmick first product? Shocking!

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    I'm betting we're two of 4 people on this board who know who Teenage Engineering are. That they are makes me a little more interested!
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  4. I had never heard of Teenage Engineering before today. According to Wikipedia they do audio devices, speakers and synthesizers. I take it they're more popular than I'd expect?

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    Are they the pocket calculator synthesizer people?
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  6. I guess the B&W thing is an artistic expression, but I would have preferred a color screen.

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    Normally I'm all about the little gimmicky handhelds, but $150? Hard pass.

  8. This looks like it could be a cool device for someone else to buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    Are they the pocket calculator synthesizer people?
    Yup, that's them. I have musician friends that swear by their stuff. I've never had any use for it ( gimmicky and I have better synths), but the Pocket Operators are pretty good for the money.

    This thing isn't backlit either
    To boldly go where lots of men have gone before...

  10. Is it e-ink or something?


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