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Thread: This Month's Haul: June 2019

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    Yeah, I just upgraded my account and my next charge is showing as 2021 since I had my Live prepaid out for a while.

    Nice, I appreciate you looking out on those for me. I do have all three of those already though so all set. Thanks again for looking out and giving me a heads up though.
    I've started to make it a habit of looking for complete GBA games for you also. I found a complete copy of Sword of Mana also but I thought you already had it. I've stopped going to Goodwill since they're charging Ebay prices or above. Half Price books tho sometimes has some decently priced goodies.
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  2. Picked up a set of black alloy rims with fresh tires for the Element. Now I am rocking like Fast & the Furious, just without the Fast part.

  3. I got sealed copies of Xybots and Crystal Mines II for the Lynx, which I promptly opened and played. CM is cool, but I had a lot more fun with Xybots. I've really enjoyed my Lynx so far, but damn that old screen is bad. I need to get this system modded ASAP.

  4. Pick up slime world for the Lynx if you don't have that yet.
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  5. Just downloaded a new *free* DLC for... Borderlands 2? So I've been playing the Handsome Jack collection since it was a free game this month on Plus, but then I just turned on steam and this new DLC released TODAY for this game. Raises the level cap to 80 and new characters can jump to 30 right away, introduces a new level past Legendary, and all sorts of stuff. Free if you have a copy of 2 or Handsome Jack, not sure what the price will be otherwise. I probably dropped 8 hours in this weekend and was pretty much falling in love with the game all over again and resigning to the fact that I'm going to try and get all the trophies AGAIN, and now there's a new round of content for it. Completely unexpected, but I'll happily take it!

  6. My sister-in-law asked me what PlayStation she should get for a poor family (4 kids) she knew in California. I directed her towards a 1TB Spider-Man bundle PS4 for $319. I decided that with 4 kids, they'd need at least another controller and at least a game that the kids could play together. So today, I noticed that Best Buy had a couple of Greatest Hits games selling for $10 and while I was there I got a PS4 controller for $40. I'm going to send the Blue PS4 controller I got last week (in place of the one I got today), along with the games and keep the camouflage controller.

    I was working at Chase Banks today, and I had to wait on an employee to finish up with a client. So, I went ahead and dropped by the Game Stop next door. I picked up Steel Diver for $2, along with a cart only of Driller Drill Spirits for $3. There was a kid trying to sell his PS3 to the store. They offered him $25 credit or @$20 cash. He didn't have a driver's license, so they wouldn't buy it from him. He was sitting on his bike on the corner, so I decided to ask him what model of PS3 he had. I'd wanted a slim, since my 60GB PS3 would run way too hot while playing Gran Turnismo 6. I offered him $25 and he was telling me that he was trying to get money to replace the cracked screen on his phone. I feel bad that I only game him $25, I'd thought about giving him $30. I should have went back over there after I'd put it in the truck. I kind of felt bad for him. I cleaned it up, formatted the 300GB HDD and it runs pretty silent. I checked out his save files, and it appeared that the last time he'd even played a game was in December of last year, so I don't feel quite as bad about it.

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  7. Picked up some more sealed Lynx games! Collecting for this machine is nice, since the games are so cheap. I got:

    - Gates of Zendocon
    - Hydra
    - Kung Food
    - Todd's Adventures in Slime World

    I also got 10 clear box protectors to keep the game boxes safe. One thing that kind of sucks about the Lynx is that the cartridges didn't come with a plastic case like Game Boy and Game Gear ones do. My cartridges are nekkid!

  8. I need to get some of those protective covers for my GBA and Lynx boxes. My Ms. PAC-MAN box for the Lynx is a little roughed up.

    Have you checked out Switchblade II Melf?
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  9. I thought I remember having little lynx plastic containers that held lynx games.

    Slime world.... nice!
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  10. In my (dumb) quest to own every Fist of the North Star videogame ever, I just picked up Hokuto No Ken for Megadrive. I don't have Last Battle (f that bastard) so I don't feel duped. The box art is badass.

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