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Thread: This Month's Haul: June 2019

  1. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    I need to get some of those protective covers for my GBA and Lynx boxes. My Ms. PAC-MAN box for the Lynx is a little roughed up.

    Have you checked out Switchblade II Melf?
    Is it good? I've only played the Amiga version.

  2. I’ve heard Atari fans rave about it. It’s been on my to buy list for a very loooooong time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    In my (dumb) quest to own every Fist of the North Star videogame ever, I just picked up Hokuto No Ken for Megadrive. I don't have Last Battle (f that bastard) so I don't feel duped. The box art is badass.

    Thats bad ass. I still don't know why sega america always decided to change the cover art to something worse.

  4. Oh, you know why.

    Star Fox Zero for $7. I have a feeling this game is better than its reputation.

  5. The controls are too janky. It was worse than trying to use the motion controls in Warhawk or Lair on the PS3.
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  6. I got this at Movie Trading Company today. I probably could have gotten it for under $30, but the price on this title has been creeping up over the past several months.

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  7. Uniqlo is having their Super Mario Tees on sale, some are $5.9, most are $7.9. Check them out here. I bought a few at the store.

  8. A few?
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  9. Back to the Beach shopping spree!

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Robot Bit Me View Post
    Oh, you know why.


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