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Thread: Those good Vibes, man

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    Those good Vibes, man

    Pretty simple idea. Just post positive things about life, work, friends, family. Doesnt have to be current, otherwise it could all go in life is good thread.

    I like the location of my job. I live .8 miles from work. I can walk to the dollar general for eggs, milk, etc. The post office is right by my appartment. And there is a Mexican restaurant 4 minutes walking from my front door. And I'm .7 miles from the gym.

    There is also good local food. There is an all you can eat catfish buffet with grilled and fried fish for 11.99.

    The animals where I live are cool too. Like alligators and wild boars. Sometimes I'll get up in the morning and there will be crane or similar bird just chilling in the yard.

  2. Supporting Dollar General is a bad move.

  3. I've been getting out of the house and cycling a lot more lately. I've lived in the same place for over five years and still barely know the area outside of my immediate neighborhood, so it's fun to just explore. There's a new bike trail that runs under some high-tension power lines, and I've been using it as a short cut. It's only about half finished, so there are some sections that are closed off, but it looks like it will be done soon.

    There's a lot of wild life to see here, too. I usually see coyotes and foxes around dusk, and in the morning there's a big falcon or something that hunts rabbits and squirrels near my bus stop. I've even seen a snapping turtle laying eggs next to the sidewalk. There's a good variety of songbirds and small mammals, as well.

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    Someone brought in peanut butter cake this morning

  5. Peanut butter is one of those things that sometimes I love and sometimes I just don't want any at all.

    I'm getting some good vibes today, there's a guy who streams the current weather using the system that The Weather Channel used in the 90s and plays vaporwave, so I'm just chillin' over here.
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