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Thread: Youtube Time Machine

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    Youtube Time Machine

    Post old footage of times gone by. Can be from youtube or anywhere. Preferably real life stuff, unless a movie has a pretty good slice of life or period bit in it.

    (I thought about making this about arcades, but thought a bigger net might produce a better thread)

    takeaways - parents sure do love filming the parades and the country bears. Also, the music of the parades has never been good.
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  5. Cool idea, Iíll pick some stuff out later today and post.

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  7. What ever happened to J.D. Roth?


    The 1st time I'd seen the original Star Trek (I was around 6 years old) was probably @1975. It would air around 6 to 7 PM on Fridays. I remember watching it at the house, before we'd go to the bowling alley to watch my dad bowl in a Friday night league. I did not know that it was a syndicated show.

    We'd watch the Leonard Nimoy narrated "In Search of" on Saturday nights. The music was strange, but the show was compelling to watch.

    This was my favorite television show back in 1978. It seemed like the show aired for more than a year, but it was always just the original 1st season. I didn't realize that the show had been cancelled, but it seemed like the network aired it for as long as it was popular. Watching the series as an adult, you could see that Glen A Larson was pushing the story towards its goal, during the final episodes. *Oh, and I forgot to mention the helmets of the Viper Pilots. They were obviously going for a look like that of the ancient Egyptians.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    What ever happened to J.D. Roth?
    I think he's a reality TV producer now.
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  9. This is the version of Hammy Hamster I remember watching as a kid. The premise is weirder than I remember. A hamster with no memory of the past and no knowledge about anything just appears from a hole in the ground, and meets a rat named Matty Mouse who helps him and shows him around.
    The show is from the '70's, but the video is from a tv broadcast from '82, so the commercials are familiar, too. I laughed out loud at some of them, especially Monchhichi.


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