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Thread: E3 2019!

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Opaque View Post
    Though having zero gameplay for any game on either system yet makes me think this will be yet another generation with weak launch linups
    The Halo stuff they showed was supposedly running on Scarlett.

    Also, the implication of Sony's absence from E3 this year is that they have a lot of next-gen stuff to show, but that they moved the launch back and want to show it later. They're saying, everything left on PS4 you already know about, and we're putting everything else toward our new console.

  2. I’m guessing that The Last of Us 2 will be the launch title for the PS5, and Sony will unveil it at CES 2020.

  3. I really think it's just that Sony wasn't going to show new stuff for PS4 games already announced and they have no new things to announce other than PS5 shit which they're waiting on for next year.

    I'd still think TLoU2 with be on PS4, and probably it's gonna be the swan song.

  4. Supposedly the PS5 will be backwards compatible, so maybe it will get an enhanced version and the PS4 game will get a delayed release. They’ve already pushed the release date back to who knows when.

  5. If the leaks about Spider-Man were real it looks like the PS5 will will be like how the PS4 boost mode is and automatially boost things like load times, frames and resolution on games without official patches. It would actually be really impressive if the game didn't have a specific PS5 version but Sony showed off how amazing the PS4 version was on it out the box.


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