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Thread: E3 2019!

  1. Sonic E3 2019!

    Oi! It's that time of year!

    EA started yesterday, they talked about the new Star Wars game, Apex Legends, FIFA (iirc) and Battlefield. Bethesda kicks off at 8:30 EST tonight. If it ain't Doom Eternal idgaf. I think Ubisoft is tomorrow. Maybe Nintendo's video too? That might be tuesday.

    Microsoft went today, you can find a bunch of trailers on Polygon here. There was a lot.

    Announced: Games Pass Ultimate. Game Pass for Xbox, Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for PC-- $15 a month. New Elite controller shown off. A lot of games scheduled for Spring 2020.

    Forza Horizon 4 DLC: LEGO! Looks just as awesome as 3's Hot Wheels expansion.

    Microsoft Flight Simulator! Age of Empires II: Remastered.
    Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming stateside! Spring 2020, free to play.

    Double Fine has joined the Microsoft Game Studio fold, new trailer for Psychonauts shown.

    New modes for Gears 5 were talked about, no gameplay was shown which is a huge WTF. A bunch of events are scheduled leading into the September launch.

    Ori 2: Feb 2020

    Ninja Theory showed a trailer for Bleeding Edge, a 4v4 melee combat game.

    A new trailer for Borderlands 3 which looked very good and the remasters of 1 and 2 and I think the new DLC for 2 is up on Game Pass (4 other games were mentioned too, Batman Arkham Knight, Metro: Exodus, Hollow Knight and something else)
    A bunch of cool looking ID@Xbox projects, seen in typical montage form.

    The Dragon Ball Z game is sure to make fans go nuts.

    Tales of Arise looks great.

    First footage of Battletoads!

    New trailer for Cyberpunk 2077: April 2020! Keanu Fing Reeves is in it.

    They mentioned xCloud briefly, iirc the beta starts in October.

    Project Scarlett got a basic update, basically a return nutflex to Sony (fast af load times, custom cpu from AMD, ray tracing). Holiday 2020 with the launch of Halo Infinite which also got a neat new trailer. I noticed a lot of volumetric fog...seemed to be the big tech demo.

  2. So is Halo Infinite not coming to current gen? I don't think anything was said during the conference.

  3. Ugh, that Battletoads art style.

    PSO II is my favorite news. I will play the shit out of that.

  4. Keanu Reeves in CyberPunk was totally unexpected. Wtf.

    Microsoft was pretty good but there was nothing really crazy besides maybe getting DoubleFine. I was hoping for more announcements and showing some next gen stuff. Woulda liked to have seen Gamepass or the cloud stuff running on the Switch.
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  5. 2020 is gonna be stacked between everyone getting current gen stuff out and the new hardware and software that comes with it. That Keanu reveal was great. He just seems so nice and personable. Great to see him in a high profile game. Now only if the combat is better than the Witcher, then we may have something!

    Ghostwire looks interesting:

  6. There's a lot of neat looking designs in Ghostwire, I hope gameplay footage shows up soon.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    So is Halo Infinite not coming to current gen? I don't think anything was said during the conference.
    Good question, I think MS is doing more tonight maybe it'll be brought up.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    So is Halo Infinite not coming to current gen? I don't think anything was said during the conference.
    It is coming to current gen, and also to PC. It seems MS is fully embracing PC going forward, which saves me the trouble of buying an Xbox.

    Nothing too unexpected today. New stuff that caught my eye:
    Pistolwhip, a VR rhythm shooter

    Watch Dogs Legion has a crazy ambitious play-as-anyone hook

    VTM: Bloodlines 2 is not disappointing.

    Arkane is working on a new IP:

  9. Looked into buying the Switch Mana Collection that was announced and came out today. A gameboy game and 2 snes games for the low low price of $40!? Wtf. Just got the Contra Collection instead for $20 and like triple the games. I guess localizing a 20 year old Snes game is expensive.
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  10. Well Square pretty definitively owns the first half of next year. I was disappointed about when that earlier teaser showed FF7R going to action-based combat, but it actually looks pretty good in context. And Avengers... Iím not sure if it looks good or not, but letís be real, thatís not gonna matter.

    Other than that, this E3 has been pretty meh. Funnily enough the thing that got the biggest reaction out of me was the LEGO DLC for Forza. Even Nintendo didnít really show anything that got me very hyped; BotW2 will certainly be awesome... when we get to play it in 3 or more years. The new stuff in DQ11 looks cool, but I just canít see myself replaying a 100-hour game to see it (same with Persona 5R). Ultimate Alliance 3 was exciting until I learned they went for breadth over depth, cramming in a huge number of characters but only giving each four action skills, which means build customization deep as a puddle. I love Linkís Awakeningís visual style, but game design-wise it looks awfully close to a 1-to-1 remake.

    Bah, maybe Iím just old.

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