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Thread: Konami Announces TurboGrafx-16 Minis!

  1. Is this thing going to be around long enough for that to happen?
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  2. Then you can collect multiple versions!
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  3. Just don't mix up the cables or they'll explode.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    PCB revisions are commonplace for all kinds of electronics. It may be something as simple as changing the impedance of a resistor or adding a jumper wire.
    Sure but these are cheap toys that are basically cash runs. Also they clearly say in the manual that a power brick for this can't be more than 5V / 2.0A like it's in bold and underlined. They designed it to use that as a max, it's not getting changed because idiots don't read and burn out their systems.
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  5. Very few people buy these to use on a regular basis. Most likely bought and played for a few hours, then back to the shelf.


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