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Thread: Konami Announces TurboGrafx-16 Minis!

  1. Quote Originally Posted by BonusKun View Post
    Are you buying it Shidoshi?
    Iíve already got the PC-Engine model preordered from Japan, and the tap + at least one extra controller on the US side. Iím 99% certain Iíll be doing a review of the Turbo model, so holding off on getting any more controllers until I see what I get with that.

    I sadly sold off my huge Turbo collection ago, and have no great solution for playing the games in the modern era, so my hope is this (after modding) can be my main option.
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  2. Yeah I hear you. I hope you really put this thing thru the paces. It might just decide if i buy this or not. Also where do you write/review games these days?
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  3. Where the fuck is Legendary Axe?

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    There must be some licensing issue with Victor Entertainment because the Legendary Axe games didn't get Wii/Wii U VC releases either.

  5. Konami Announces TurboGrafx-16 Minis!

    Preordered. Ií will keep adding the shit to the mini pile. Whereís the n64 now?
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    You're probably going to have to wait a while since the current ARM system in a chips that can be made cheaply aren't powerful enough to run n64.

    Word on the street is that Hyperkin is having trouble with their HDMI n64 clone for the same reason. Whatever hardware they selected to run the emulator simply isn't strong enough to do anything but like Mario 64 and Mario Kart.

  7. Get a Nvidia Shield

  8. I really could care less. If it shows up Iíd probably get one. I donít need any of this shit but Iím a consumer whore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GohanX View Post
    And how!


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