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Thread: This Month's Haul (July 2019)

  1. This Month's Haul (July 2019)

    New month, new ways to spend money! I added to my Lynx library with some good ones!

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  2. Nice!

    The conversion of Toki is supposed to be pretty good.

    I picked up Stranger Things 2 (Blu-Ray) for $10 at Target.

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  3. Bloodstained on Switch. Not surprising is there was a large update on this version the moment I plugged the cart in.
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    I'm sorry.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    I'm sorry.
    Well I hadn't had any issues with the game yet. It plays pretty good and is really above what I was expecting. I know there's supposed to be a major update to the game on July 15th.
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL

  6. Picked up a few more Nintendo/Street Fighter tees from Uniqlo, they are down to $5.9 each now.

    Found Earth Defense Force 4 for 360. It is a JPN release only. Unfortunately, it is not one of the region free disc so I am SOL. bbobb, do you still have your JPN 360 system by any chance?

  7. I do actually, it's in one of my closets. PM me.
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  8. My copy of Battle Garegga (they didn't charge sales tax for some odd reason) finally arrived from Limited Run Games. I also picked up a couple of 3DS games that are on sale at Target for $15, along with Stranger Things (BR) for $10.

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  9. Jumbo Safari - Wii
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  10. Picked up Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 yesterday and then my Prime day movie haul...

    Police Story 1 & 2 Criterion blu
    Tank Girl blu
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit blu
    Robot Jox blu
    Giant Robot Action Pack: Crash And Burn / Robot Wars (Double Feature) DVD
    Tremors Anthology (1-5) DVD
    The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Complete Series DVD
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