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Thread: Hiking

  1. The wife and I drove out to Alberta. It’s going to rain the next few days but got a few good hikes in anyways. B7DBF5A4-0491-4306-A63F-A93392FDB46D.jpeg
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  2. Looks like Banff.

  3. It is. Drove through it. Spent time in Jasper today. Back to Banff/Yoho areas for a few days then down to Glacier and back to Wisconsin. Jasper was incredible despite the cold and rain. Banff area worries me with how busy it looks.... I hate that tourist shit. We like to hit the trails and get away from all that crap.

  4. Banff is primo tourist zone. But the lake is ridiculously photogenic. Jasper is generally less busy. Iíve only gone skiing there so Iím unsure about the local trailheads.

    Iím sure youíll have fun anyway. Itís back to school so the tourism shouldíve died down a bit at least.

  5. So I started putting some of my trip videos online. I get bored when I’m not driving so I make amateur videos of our trips with pictures and video I took. My 4K Canada ones look alright I suppose. I have 4 up so far. I’m going to get the last two up soon and at some point I’m going to go back and post the other 15-20 National Parks I’ve been too. Those will only be 1080p though.
    Anyways, I thought I’d share the link to one of the videos on my channel. Don’t judge too harshly. I made them for a quicker view for my family and something Facebook can’t destroy the video quality of.

    Edit- warning, sound mix a bit high. Turn down your volume some.
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  6. RIP my speakers.

    Nice video but please mix that music down a little lower next time, dude.

  7. fucked up my edit but I’m looking into the sound issue.
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  8. I think thatís more on the music mixer, but it is curiously ďloudĒ I had mine at 20% and it was bumping.

    The pan at 0:57 look fake. Iím guessing algae doesnít grow in Canadian lakes and the rivers donít drag in silt?
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  9. All the lakes and rivers I saw there were glacier runoff. I asked a ranger I saw about it and I think he said due to the length of freeze they get and some kind of sediment in the water it turns them that color and being such a high elevation there’s no runoff from farms and whatnot. I’ve been to a LOT of lakes and I’ve never seen anything like it.

    The sound issue appears to be a YouTube thing I wasn’t aware of. A lot of people get either loud sound or low sound when they upload. When I checked out my videos before I uploaded them the sound was just fine. Weird. I’ll set them lower in the future before I upload anything. Unfortunate YouTube doesn’t let you edit sound levels anymore on uploaded content. Odd.
    Thanks for checking them out though. We’ve been on a lot of adventures and I thought maybe I’d open them up for everyone to see. Like I said, it’s amateur hour but easier for the fam to see what we are up too at least. I have a couple more Canada ones in 4K to do and then I have a bunch of US National Parks ones I can do. 22 US parks down and 39 more to go. Though I absolutely need to go back to a few. Some are just beyond belief. I’m thinking West Coast next year.
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  10. Blue water colour like that usually means high concentration of limestone in the foundational sediment. Happens in the Niagara rapids too.


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