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Thread: Hiking

  1. No it wasn’t limestone. I asked. It was something weird like rock flour or something.

    Edit- I googled it. It was indeed rock flour. Something about how the light reflecting off of it gives it that color.
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  2. Yeah I think thatís why sediment has such a strong influence on the colour. Never heard of rock flour before. Sounds delicious.

  3. Jasper National Park. I did this a few weeks ago so turn your speakers down a bit.
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  4. Yoho National Park B.C and Glacier National Park, Montana. No more sound issues.....may be too low now.
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  5. Banff National Park. Last one from my trip. Iíd like to go back soon. Didnít get to see enough due to the rain, fog and cloud cover. Still amazing though. I got some ideas on what to see next but not until next year. Managed to see Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Rocky Mountain, Indiana Dunes, Jasper, Banff, Yoho and Glacier National Park this year.
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  6. #26
    Stay away from my tree, bruh.

  7. But Sir, your tree is rad.
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