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    So the last few years the wife and I have been hiking a fair amount and have traveled all over the US and hit about 20 National Parks and various other sites. IĎve seen some incredible stuff and would love to share some stories with other TNlers. Oh and my idea of hiking is day hikes then back to the hotel. Being exhausted, hot and sweaty and then having to set up camp isnít my idea of fun. I prefer to get a good nights rest , shower then get out early before the normal tourist shit things up. I do my camping and what not in the home state during the summer.
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    I like day hikes. There are a whole lot of little parks around my neighborhood so I can do a different enough walk every day. It's fun to take the pup out to smell new things.

    Camping, however, can eat my ass. I've never been a fan, and now with how fucked up my back is I'll not be sleeping on the dirt if I have a choice.

  3. Camping is good times with friends but I require a lake and fishing to go with it.
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  4. The only fun I've ever had camping was on the beach near my hometown. Sleeping on sand to the sound of waves is nice.

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    I have an obscene amount of pics on my phone from various Parks. This was Rocky Mountain National Park in June.
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  6. I havenít had much of a chance this summer or last but my son David and I have been on plenty of day expeditions. We had one state park we frequented and completed several of the trails there and weíve been to a few other places or have checked out trails weíve found near parks and the like. The last one we went on, we took a train to get to a park and then hiked through it, under a giant overpass bridge, alongside the train tracks and to the next train station. Heís getting a little older now so Iíd like to plan some more in depth trips. He wants to try camping but I might want to wait until heís a little older. Iím sure Iíll be introducing Layne to hiking in the next couple years.

  7. I grew up in Montana. We had plenty of hikes while hunting and we'd occasionally just hike around near our home, just for the fun of it. There was an old silver mine near my home, that was closed down decades earlier, but it was cool to see the old crumbled down brick buildings near the mine.

  8. Wow jealous of that. Love western Montana. I like living in Wisconsin but we donít have shit for mountains. Tons of lakes though so I spend a lot of time fishing, canoeing and lately cruising at ludicrous speeds in a SeaDoo. I have one more road trip planned for September to do some serious mountain hiking in what looks to be a ridiculous spot and then drive through Montana (Glacier N.P) again on the way back to Wisconsin. I highly recommend Badlands and Theodore Roosevelt N.Ps if you are in the Midwest.
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  9. I camp pretty much every summer. Ontario has thousands of lakes so itís pretty fun to go out w some light portaging and camp a few days. Unfortunately Ontario hiking kinda sucks because the land is mostly dirt trail.

    Me and coworkers (and wife) have gone to the Adirondacks in upstate New York to hike. They have a bunch of trails called The 46 you can hike. Gothics, Nippletop, Upper Wolf Jaw, Arm Strong, Cascadia are a few I recommend. Often you can link them to do multi-day if you like. I rent a cabin in nearby towns and just do full day hikes and come back for dinner. Most cabins actually have hot tubs stuff is faaantastic after a day of uphill hiking. Iíve done about 8 of them so far and other non-46 trails in the area. There are good smaller trails too not on the 46 like Big Crow and Baxter. I could easily retire to that area because I enjoy it so much. Iím going back again at the end of Sept for some fall colour hikes. Because of the altitude thereís a lot of tree varieties in the area so you get some astonishing colours. Best in the world Iím convinced.

    I went hiking outside Spokane as well last year when I was visiting for work. Iller Creek trailhead. It was 4.6m and pretty easy terrain. That area has great rivers.

    I also recently hiked Ben Nevis in Scotland during the early spring while doing work at the University of Edinburgh. Fuck it was cold. My friend Will recently did the three peak challenge there (link: ) which looks kinda fun. Though he said the logistics of bagging all 3 peaks was harder than the actual hikes themselves (you pretty much have up prepare car meals and have a designated driver who isnít hiking so you can get sleep on the way).

    My friend Tommy has invited me to portage in Washington state so I might visit him there soon. Heís a bit too fit for me tho. I think he calls like weeks out in the bush w his physics and math friends from tech companies. Thatís... intense.
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    I haven't enjoyed hiking since I lived in driving distance of the smokies. I grew up minutes from one of the best parks in Ms, but it was normally too hot or too wet to enjoy.


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