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Thread: Gears of War 5

  1. I like Gears 4 campaign.

  2. I liked it too! ProTip: 5 is up for pre-load (55-ish GB).

  3. I have GPU, and installed Gears 5 already.

  4. This unlocks at 9 tonight.
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  5. This game looks and sounds amazing. Gun feedback is still awesome and the new head pop animation is great.
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  6. Game looks great and lots of story as well. I can't believe they included this with GPU.

  7. Anyone get the online to work long enough for some impressions? I got to play a couple matches this morning. Seems like the assault rifles may actually by useful again. The 2 maps I played were good so far. My very early impressions are that the game could be great. Iím looking forward to getting back into it.
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  8. I am super rusty and getting destroyed by Linda Hamilton, that's all I know.

  9. The servers are a fucking mess and Live was down for most of Friday. And it looks like the campaign relies on the servers too. I've had a bug in (Act 2 Chapter 3) campaign where the loading message came up and stayed up for awhile. When I stopped and came back to play, the game had never saved so I had to do a few sections over. I also get GoW server disconnection messages all the time.

    And now I can't make any more progress. I've reached the next major story point at a Northern radio tower and this is where you are introduced to shooting frozen ice to take down enemies. Except the Swarm isn't appearing in the world. The audio triggers, but the map isn't populating. So I can walk through to a point, Del stops progressing with me (after getting a Sniper warning) and I can't leave the area because I need Del to get over a wall and the fucker won't move to it! I've never had campaign problems in this series before.

  10. Yeah, I've had the campaign freeze up with the save icon just spinning indefinitely a few times too, and even when multiplayer is working, the post-match results and unlocks have never ever loaded right.

    With MS just opening the floodgates on a major release like this to everyone with $2 in their pocket, I was fully expecting server issues, unfortunately.


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