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Thread: Gears of War 5

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    With MS just opening the floodgates on a major release like this to everyone with $2 in their pocket, I was fully expecting server issues, unfortunately.
    Releasing a big sequel in a triple AAA franchise for damn near free is insane and unheard of. Iím sure Microsoft figured it was going to do well but not every person with a Xbox trying it out. The internet babies out there really need to cut them some slack.
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  2. I had to re-do a Condor crash site again, but after that, the save issue went away. Now I'm stuck in the first major hard spot in the game, waiting for a door to be cut open on a lake when all hell breaks loose. I can survive the first two waves and then I get overwhelmed.

  3. Normal or Hardcore?

  4. Experienced, the level below Insane. Got by it and you go through another meat grinder right after. I made it through that after like 7 tries only to have to redo that whole section (a bit of an escort) to take better weapons (Torque Bow!) to finish the section. I didn't have enough firepower to get through the last fight. The save points between those two points were surprisinglly far apart.

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    I got my code. Downloading....soon. Iím gonna need an internet repeater or something here tho.
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  6. Gears with Tnl still fucking rules. Playing the Gears community still kind of sucks. Would be nice if matchmaking actually puts you in games with people of the same skill level.

    Still nice to have a full room of us old ass fucks. Been way too long.
    Korly-"Everyone here is an asshole, SURPRISE!"

  7. King of the Hill is a total blast. I'd like to give Escape a try soon. Didn't do Horde yet either.

  8. Good times with TNL crew, I had an epic 1v3 round.


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