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Thread: 2019 NFL

  1. Thank you Green Bay. We appreciate having Cobb in Dallas. He’s tearing it up along side Cooper.
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  2. That roughing the kicker call was bullshit!
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  3. AB canít go a day without some drama. Now he has rape allegations. They seem pretty specific on what he did. What a great guy.

  4. AB May be a dumb piece of shit, but this is obviously a cash grab by a deceitful girl. Her accusations aren't what they appear to be, and if she is trying to manipulate people for a civil lawsuite award, she should also be tried for her false accusations, if what I'm reading here is true.
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  5. LOL AB

  6. LOL Pats. They traded away D. Thomas to make room for AB.

    Just curious, did Steeler Nation know what a nut he was, or did the Steelers do a really good job of keeping it in house?
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  7. Steelers probably just let him be nuts and didn't bring it more attention. Pats definitely have eggs on their face.

  8. I just don't get what the Browns offense was trying to do with the ball at 1st and goal with 3 time outs. They could have ran the ball, since LA was pretty much putting its entire secondary into pass coverage.
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  9. What the hell was Matt Patricia thinking?

    KC has the ball at 1st and goal at the 5 yard line 20 seconds left and 1 timeout. They run the ball once for 3 yards and the Lions call timeout. So, KC runs it again, and the Lions call another timeout. KC still has a timeout, so they run it a 3rd time for the winning touchdown.
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  10. Cowboys saved by a really questionable PI call. That looked clean.


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