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Thread: 2019 NFL

  1. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    The Pats defense finally faced a legit team. How the hell does the Super Bowl winning Pats get such a soft schedule?
    For real? Only two games are decided by seed. The rest are the divisional and rotational games; fourteen of every team's games were already determined years ago and can be predicted decades into the future.

    A. You play six games against divisional opponents.

    B. You play four games against a division within your conference (three other conferences, so three year rotation). That NE would play the AFC North in 2019 was decided years in advance, just like we know they'll play them again in 2022, 2025, etc.).

    C. You play four games against a division within the opposite conference according to a four-year rotation. That NE would play the NFC East in 2019 was decided years in advance, just like we know they'll play them again in 2023, 2027, etc.).

    D. The remaining two games are against the teams in your conference who finishes in the same place in your division last year (it's not three divisions because you're already playing an entire division within your conference under "B"). Because New England (and the AFC East) are already playing the NFC North because it's their turn in the rotation, that leaves the two remaining first place AFC teams: Kansas City and Houston.

    Either that or it's a vast conspiracy designed to keep mom and pop franchises like the Dallas Cowboys down.
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  2. I was always under the impression that the two teams that represented the NFC and AFC in the Super Bowl, always got a harder schedule the following season, while the league's worst teams got a favored schedule I've never heard anyone reveal the schedule for next season, until around summer.
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  3. Anyways, the editor sucks. I couldn't add this. What's up with this site?

    Quote Originally Posted by Businessinsider
    You play 2 games against teams that finished in the same place in their respective divisions as you did in your division (e.g. a 1st place team will play 2 other 1st place teams, a 2nd place team will face 2 other 2nd place teams, etc.). These teams come from your conference and come from the 2 divisions not used in the second bullet above.
    The final bullet is designed to pit good teams against each other and possibly to get star-studded matchups. As our Cork Gaines noted in 2014, it's why we got a surplus of Tom Brady-Peyton Manning matchups.
    I'm was in no way saying that there was some kind of conspiracy, but I do question the schedule that was given to them.

    New England played a bunch of shitty teams in their 1st 8 games, and everyone was over-rating their performance. They' finally met a legit contender (0n their Turf!) and got taken to the wood shed.
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  4. Your team lost to the Jets. Just sayin'....

  5. Yeah, they've been very disappointing. But, their strenght of shedule is at #14, while the Pats competition is ranked near the bottom, and only topped by the abysmal Redskins. Oakland getting the toughest schedule doesn't even make sense.
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