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Thread: 2019 NFL

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    Jerry literally had his head in his hands during the game, but he still refuses to fire Garrett.
    It goes beyond Garrett. Pizza Boy gets all cute and tries passing everytime they get in the Redzone, even though they have their $65 milllion running back ready to go. The defense can't stop a screen play, no matter who the opponent is, and they certainly can't create turnovers. And their kicker can hit 60 yard field goals, yet the guy can't nail a 40 yarder to save his own life. Jerry hired all of these coaches, and the only one assigned by Garrett was Case Keenum, as the offensive coordinator. Case is exhibiting the same Red Zone problems we had last season.

    I don't even know if I'm going to watch the rest of their season, because even if they win the pathetic NFC East, they are going to get their ass wiped by whoever the Wild Card team is.
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  2. The Pats are getting shredded by a team that likely won't make it out of the first round. NE's offense is a fucking joke.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Melf View Post
    The Pats are getting shredded by a team that likely won't make it out of the first round. NE's offense is a fucking joke.
    It'll be their downfall in the post season, and Baltimore now has home field advantage, should they win out.

    Houston will likely host a wild card game, since they are 1st in the AFC south. They'll probably get to the second round.
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  4. Pats has been running the smoke & mirror offense for much of the season. They lose when the defense can't hold the other team to a couple of TDs.

  5. I have never seen a defense get burned on screen plays as much as Dallas. It is just mind numbing to watch.

    This game is starting to feel just like last week. The offense starts out with a good drive, the defense struggles and then the offense looks lost.

    Rod needs to retire.
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  6. I hope Cowboys lose the rest of the season and finish on top of their division and go on to win a game in the playoffs.

  7. They need to just lose it all. They don’t deserve to win anything with that half ass effort by the defensive players. Whiffing tackles isn’t cool.
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  8. Maybe not, but I am rooting for them to host a wildcard game and beat that opponent with a much better record for lulz.

  9. It’s either going to be Seattle or San Francisco. It’s gonna be an ass raping!

    The camera would pan up to Jerry’s suite, where everyone would witness Jerry passed out with a bottle of Johnny Walker in his hand.
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  10. I can see them beating SF at home.


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