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Thread: The 2019 October Haul Thread.~

  1. Treasure The 2019 October Haul Thread.~

    Been awhile since I started one but here we go.

    Link's Awakening and Dragon Quest XI "S" for Switch.

    I'm working on Link's 1st since DQ is a much, much bigger game. I'm already past the 3rd dungeon and am literally playing by memory of the OG gameboy version from years ago when it was new.
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL

  2. Picked up a 500gig XB1 with 3 controllers and a bunch of old sports games for $100. I wanted to pick up a few controllers anyway so I basically got another system for almost nothing. Everything was in great condition too.

  3. I saw this band at the House of Blues on Friday. They were the 1st act to open up for Tesla. I loved their energy and the music was pretty good. I got to meet the band at their merchandise booth, told them I liked their jam and picked up this their t-shirt for $20 to show support.

    Movie Trading company had a buy 1 get one free for any used item under $25. I ended up picking up the Star Wars Prequels on BR, since I didn't have them(I have the crappy DVDs), and I'd been looking to get Disgaea on the PS3 for quite some time.

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  4. I finally picked up this title for the 3DS.

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  5. Witcher III for Switch and Baldur's Gate Collection for Switch.

    @SSJN, Sorry to hear about your PS3 HD dying. I guess you can just get a new one installed and at least try and re-download the games you lost. Losing the save files tho is fucking painful.
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL

  6. How is BG ports to Switch?

    I picked up an Atari 7800 that can play Robot Tank and also A/V modded. I can now test out the 4 games SSJN sent me last month.

  7. Well it's the enhanced version but I hadn't dug into it much yet. Runs really damn clean. My main focus is finishing DQXI on Switch before moving to other huge games!
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL

  8. Hi my name is Babakang?
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  9. Great Post.Thank You


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