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Thread: Fry's Electronics is dying.

  1. So, I dropped by that Plano location after work. The video game section has been consolidated onto one row of shelves, back to back, with Sony and MS on one side and on the other side was Nintendo's stuff, along with all of the other video game related hardware. There was a large open space of carpet, where you could see where the console displays had once been. The large Sony VR display was moved into that section. They had a display for Death Stranding, though I doubt that game had ever been sold there. Just burn the place down already, it's pathetic to watch it wilt away.
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  2. Yeah, it's kind of sad when something is left die a slow, painful death when it should have been put down long ago. Let it be remembered at its prime, not a limping, half paralyzed shadow of its former self.

  3. Poor TNL

  4. Ice cold.

  5. Death comes for us all.

  6. Oh wow!

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  7. Hey that's my Burbank Fry's. And BRi!

  8. I hope those employees don't actually think that things are going to turn around.

  9. I have friends that still work at Frys and I was told this same sending things to Vegas for CES story at a wedding earlier this month.

    So then you look at that vegas store, which is now am aggregate of all locations, and you realize that the entire company only had 2 motherboards.

    They're dead in the water.

  10. They must have gotten 1 from my Plano area store. That board has been sitting all by itself for months.
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