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Thread: This Month's haul: November 2019.

  1. This Month's haul: November 2019.

    I decided it was time to upgrade my 5 year old 4790K based PC back in July, and I've finally saved up enough money to pick up an i9, 1 TB NVME drive, 16 GBs of DDR4-3200 and a nice open boxed Asus Maximus XI motherboard. This is probably the one time I'm almost not looking forward to a new build, because I have a ton of stuff on my old build that'll probably need to be re-installed.
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  2. The stupid editor is messed up.

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    Is there some sort of truck to get five below to take an order?

  4. check your tnl2 messages.

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    I appreciate you looking out. But that did not answer my credit card question.

  6. I got that Ecto-1 Transformer.

  7. I got the Transformers Siege version of Ratchet, which looks darn cool. I now have more Transformers than I did as a kid. Fuck yeah.

    I also bought these sweet metal dice:

  8. You are definitely the dungeon master.

  9. Those are pretty sweet dice, actually.

  10. Yeah, they look sweet!


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