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Thread: The Mandalorian

  1. Mando has no problem killing things and vaporizing Jawas but leaves that group of true assholes that betrayed him alive in the prison? Ok then. I guess I can believe he thinks prison is a worse fate for them...

    The show is just ok so far.
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  2. I understood that to mean a fate worse than death - now they'll suffer together inside that abandoned prison thing & die.
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  3. Just started ep. 6. Show is still dumb, but Iím grinning since I was unaware a certain person has a part in a frickin Star War.

  4. You just know it was his idea to drop the child.

  5. Just watched episode 7, which was awesome. The show is now back in top form, IMO. Really can't wait for the season finale next week.

    Incidentally, the two best episodes this season, 3 and 7, were both directed by a woman named Deborah Chow, who's apparently also directing the upcoming Obi-Wan series (and she had a cameo as one of the X-Wing pilots in episode 6). She certainly knows her shit.
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  6. The show is exactly what I want from Star Wars. There's no pretense of trying to live up to the original films. It's just a story that takes place in that universe, and from what I've seen it does so faithfully. I would love to see the same people do something with Shadows of the Empire.

  7. Great season finale, but WE DIDN'T NEED TO SEE MANDO'S FACE FUCKING SHIT

    In better news, love that Mando finally got a jetpack. Also, a darksaber popped up at the end! Neat.

    Didn't need to see his face, though. And it seems that Pedro Pascal DID accidentally spoil Mando's real name in an interview early on, lol.

    The opening with the two biker scouts just hanging out was hilarious.

    Moff Gideon having the heroes cornered and then giving them all the way until nightfall to escape surrender was a little ridiculous.

    Also, bummer that IG-11 died.

    Anyway, can't wait for season 2, which has already been filming since November.
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  8. that's my review of the season
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  9. Baby Yoda getting punched in the face was pure gold.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by cka View Post
    that's my review of the season
    I agree. Accurate and fair.

    I found an article regarding that last scene, suggesting some episodes of the animated series to explain it. Those animated shows are unwatchable.
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