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Thread: What Is Up With All The Boomer Talk?

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    It wont come as a surprise but I dont care. Let horse run track and field and beat all the human speed records. Whatever.

    "Things" should only be redistributed at the base levels of the hierarchy of needs. You know, the needs that when not net, people murder each other.

    When you get further to the top, and we start talking about higher needs like skill, acheivement, concept of self, nothing should be leveled or redistributed. You dont have a right to be as good as some other person, animal, machine or idea.

    Why is anyone talking about this? When did you all suddenly care about random women's sports? Dont they get like 1/10th the pay and investment? No one really cares about this shit. The pay checks dont indicate there is any demand.

    And yeah, boomers suck. For what they've done to housing and student debt. You know, things that impact your base level needs. Like eating. Not sleeping in the fucking rain.

    Oh and the damage we are doing to the environment. Guys, it's so bad. It's so fucking bad. You think you know, but it's bad. When I was a child I would get waken up in the summer to do work outside in those cool first 4 hours of the day. I still remember my dad, aggravating me from the doorway "get up, it's going to be so much worse if you wait until its hot."

    That's gone. It's hot all day. It's hot at 4 am and it's hot at 11 pm. And it's hot for more days in a row. Weeks upon weeks of hot. I dont even know if anything can be done but a tipping point is coming. One day the power grid wont take it and the vegetables wont go through a natural growth cycle. One day the grass and trees will die and the lands will turn to desert or mud.

    But hey, boomers either dont believe it is happening or wont do anything. Fuck those grandkids they like to share on facebook I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog View Post
    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki View Post
    I'm not debating the biologic differences (nor the fact that there *MAY* be advantages - we actually don't have data to support it one way or another,) I'm saying that athletics isn't this monolith where a transwoman can just swoop in and gather the awards like everyone seems to think. There are so many factors in play - biology being one component, but certainly not the only one. The argument that favors biology alone gets very close to the belief that black people are just better at sports because of their race - it's a dangerous and erroneous belief. A random dude doesn't just hop into a women's race and win because he's male. There are social factors, economic factors, and even educational factors that influence athletic performance as well.
    Except what weíre talking about is the 1% high performance athletics. Where a human trains primarily to perform at the top of an athletic competition. Not a bar bum fighting Ronda Rousey and getting his ass kicked. You keep acting like itís not measurable but thatís 100% incorrect once you slice data by common labels. Football. A 68% black roster. Being a black man increases your likelihood of getting in to the NFL. I think most people would say biological sex is probably more divisive than that. Not all athletics, certainly, but in track cycling? I think thatís a fair question to ask. Especially if transwomen continually dominate womenís leagues.

    Iím trying to sympathize with girls I know that love sports but already have a tough time finding a niche or making a career of it. Men are already dominating sports categories. Now the bar in their own little slice of divisions are even higher to the point of theyíre less likely to achieve success. And it kind of sucks.

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    Might not be wrong

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    still can't have babies though

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    Might not be wrong

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    still can't have babies though

  6. Holy shit! They already made a movie about this meme.
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

  7. Maybe WNBA will be watchable someday. There is hope.


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