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Thread: TNL Holiday Wishlist 2019: All Hail Amazon (We're not worthy)

  1. I sent out some stuff! I hope you all enjoy them!

  2. I’ll send out stuff when I get home after Christmas, so New Years gifts from me
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  3. List updated and Dole it's working fine now

  4. Yay!

    Pretty much done with family shopping. Now comes some hot TNL action.
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  5. Oh hey! I just stopped home cuz I have an endodontist appointment today (yeah I'm that cool) and I got a package with some awesome wire for sculpting! Big thanks to whomever Jason is! I'll sculpt some big anime titties for you!

  6. Thank you Melf for season 1 of Archer, I'm very excited to see the behind the scenes stuff and rewatch the series!

  7. You're quite welcome! Enjoy!

  8. Thanks for the dicks, Johnny No-Note.

  9. Thanks for the Hammer blu-ray, Pineapple!

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