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Thread: TNL Holiday Wishlist 2019: All Hail Amazon (We're not worthy)

  1. Treasure TNL Holiday Wishlist 2019: All Hail Amazon (We're not worthy)

    Alright folks, once again it's time to pay our dues to our Amazonian overlords and at the same time spread some holiday cheer. Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving and now we can move on to the most gift givingest holidays of all!

    Quick recap from the man with the plan:

    Anytime you visit via a link on this site and make a purchase, you are supporting this community. Amazon takes a percentage of the money it makes from eligible purchases and credits it to TNL. So you do the shopping you normally would, with all the low prices and other Amazon advantages, and you support TNL at the same time. Face it, some things you just always want to be there. And we have been, on the way to twenty years.

    If you have an Amazon wish list, please reply with it below and I will add it to this post. Take the actual number of the wish list, from the URL and paste it at the end of this string, replacing the X's:

    So, for example, here's mine:

    The reason you have to do it with this extra step is that when you look at your own wish list, it doesn't always show you the number; and when you use the Share button, it gives you a shortened URL that doesn't pass along the TNL referral - but it does havethe wishlist number.
    So the list in the quote here is mine, as an example. It's just that easy.

    As always, posting a list does NOT obligate anyone to buy anything for you, and does not obligate you to buy anything for others. There are no guarentees except that you'll make me super happy by adding your list! This has always been for fun and continues to be, while also still hopefully generating some revenue for the site.

    So add some cheap stuff that you just don't feel like buying for yourself, or hell put stuff on there for your pets or even other people you just don't feel like shopping for, you may be surprised to see several packages arriving at your door! Post your list and get to wishing!

    As always if you have any trouble or questions, message me (or a mod, probably a better option). Also PLEASE make sure if you've moved that you update your address with Amazon, there are a couple issues with this each year *cough*SATS*cough* and we could totally avoid that if YOU PEOPLE would just update it anyways. Spanks.


    Bacon McShig:

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  2. Thank you pineapple! And yeah donít be me and fuck the whole address thing up. I havenít even looked at my list since last year so Iíll retool and submit.

    Donít be shy to post yours even if you donít post here often! I love TNL Xmas and itís the highlight of the holidays.
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  3. I’ve been crazy busy and not around TNL the last month or so but sure I’ll join in on the fun. And should be able to be around more as things slow down.
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    My wishlist is the same as last year, but just send a bandcamp gift card to my email address instead. That would mean more than anything else ever could.

  5. I've never done this before, and I always end up regretting it. So...

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  6. Hell yeah! List of Lists has been updated. Keep em coming people!

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    I'm in. I think I did that right.
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