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Thread: Xbox Series X (Official Thread)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog View Post
    Yeah, the SeX box can do it horizontal too.
    But how's its doggy style?

    BC is the biggest draw for me right now. Price and exclusives at launch will determine if this is the first console I buy at launch since the original Xbox.

  2. This thing will be $500 at least.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog View Post
    Yeah but that 60inch tv has to constantly be adjusted for an optimal picture every time you have to start a new movie when the 40inch always works. Pick your poison I guess.
    This isn't even remotely true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite
    I've changed my mind about Korian. Anyone that can piss off so many people so easily is awesome. You people are suckers, playing right into his evil yellow hands.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Melf View Post
    But how's its doggy style?

    BC is the biggest draw for me right now. Price and exclusives at launch will determine if this is the first console I buy at launch since the original Xbox.
    I've seriously thought about picking up an Xbox One on the cheap, just so I can play my 360 games. The DVD drives on both of my 360s are acting up.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiMoogle View Post
    You guys say the same shit every console gen. Just get a pc blah blah blah. Then everyone buys a PS or Xbox anyways.

    FYI this big ass brick can be put horizontal too.
    I prefer consoles, I don't need the highest FPS or resolution, but the way this is positioned basically means that they will be pushing incremental upgrades every few years. This might be the new paradigm and I don't think I am on board. This is basically the PC model of upgrading your hardware every few years to keep up. I like consoles because it is a close, self-contained system and generation. It might actually be a good thing for all I know, since I can't predict the future but extrapolate what they told us.

  6. Having an optional upgrade every few years seems like the only way to do it if they plan on maintaining backward compatibility and locking people into their platform. Console generations were getting way too long anyway, and they need to keep pace with the television market and deliver all those K's. Sony is doing the same thing from what I understand, so I can't imagine that a lot of PS4 owners would want this rather than a PS5.

    I just find that consoles have become increasingly complicated, while PCs have gotten to be far less of a pain in the ass than they used to be. I have a big enough library of digital games on their platform that I would likely buy one to replace my XBOX One S if it were to break down, but I'm only buying new games for PC these days.

  7. I can't believe no one, anywhere, said to the engineers "hey guys, we would like it if average consumers looked ar this product and thought it looked reasonable for their TV cabinets".

    The design of this is going to alienate so many would be purchasers who simply choose the PS5 because it fits where their prior gen console was. Also yes I know it can gi horizontal but it's so tall that direction that it's not gonna fit in many smaller shelves.

  8. I doesn't look any bigger than a audio reciever, when the unit is placed horizontal. What kind of entertainment centers do you people have?
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  9. It didn't seem to have any ventilation on the long side, so you probably don't need as much space as you think.

  10. People are being overly dramatic. Based on the picture it's a little over 12x6x6 inches. It's not a problem. It's smaller than the original One.


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