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Thread: Xbox Series X (Official Thread)

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    You're gamers, of course you have to just buy it. You'll cry all the way to the checkout clerk.
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  2. I ignored XB1 until this summer when I traded a bunch of garbage in for a used XB1X. Technically they never sold a new system to me and I can wait it out, it is not like XB has any must play exclusives.

  3. There are no must play games anymore. I can pass on pretty much anything these days.
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  4. That's always been the case. There are more games out there than anyone has time to play. I could play nothing but PS2 games for the rest of my life and not get bored.

  5. PC has won.

  6. But at what cost?

  7. Whatever your budget is.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    I doesn't look any bigger than a audio reciever, when the unit is placed horizontal. What kind of entertainment centers do you people have?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by cka View Post
    At least the systems will have good airflow.
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