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Thread: Xbox Series X (Official Thread)

  1. Looks like the tables have turned. PS5 is a bit weaker than the X but not a lot just like PS4 vs One.

    The shittiest thing is X is going for full BC and the PS5 wonít even play most PS4 games at launch. Doesnít look like games will get enhanced much either. X games are going to force most old games into 4k and HDR.
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  2. I'll end up with both systems but PS5 is gonna be way down the road given what they've shown so far.

  3. I don't own anything on PSN, and I never owned a PS3 or PS4, but BC would have been a nice way to play the games I missed out on.

  4. I think PS5 is going to take this gen. Having the most power has never meant anything. Backwards compatibility plus everyone gone digital means that most people have quite an incentive to stick with the platform theyíve spent the last 6 years buying into. PS4 owners lived without Halo, Gears, and Forza just fine. They arent going to give up Sonyís exclusives and their library of games just because Series X may have a slight edge in graphics. (though according to digital foundry, there may be no edge at all).

  5. I have no doubt that long terms it's Sony's gen to lose, but at launch with the Series X having backwards compatibility with enhancement, it's a no brainier regardless of launch library.

    The PS5 is gonna need some good launch titles or just, why bother getting it at launch?

  6. Even if you donít go next gen right away itís nice to know that every game I buy on Xbox automatically gets the x version once I switch over. Iím sure Sony is going to continue charging you twice.
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  7. The audio and high-speed storage are impressive, but I don't think it really sets it apart from the new XBOX.

    At this point, I can't see any reason for a one-console gamer to switch platforms this generation.

  8. I've got Game Pass for another 3 years and never upgraded my OG Xbox One, so personally speaking, the XSX has some built-in advantages going in.

    But they've gotta announce some actual next-gen exclusives for it still. The whole "It'll play the XBO library like a SUPER Xbox One X!" focus they seem to be going with really ain't selling me.

  9. If Microsoft has shown anything this gen, it's that it has no problem drastically price dropping hardware in order to get it into people's homes. The X took about a year, but after that year it was on sale for 30% off fairly regularly.

    If Hardware manufacturers have shown anything the past two gens, it's that you really don't want a launch console if there's nothing You Must Have at launch, and even then it's probably better to wait a year or so. With Microsoft making nothing first party exclusive anyway, there's definitely good reason to wait, even if you are VCRbox-ing it.
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  10. Yeah, I usually wait anyway, and my need for Halo and Gears has cooled considerably. I'm not really in a rush.

    But speaking of rushing, Sony's been pretty conservative with not rushing sequels to market this gen, which makes me think they've been building toward a pretty killer slate of big hitters around PS5's release. Horizon 2, another God of War, Spider-Man 2, we all know they're coming and the PS5 launch is right around where those would all be in the final stretch of development, if their devs started working on sequels not long after the last games. Which they almost certainly did.


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