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Thread: Xbox Series X/S (Official Thread)

  1. The wife moment was awesome!

  2. ID@Xbox Summer Game Fest has started. 70 game demos are up for you to check out from today to July 27th. The Series X show is on Thursday.

  3. I wonder how well these games actually sell on the XBOX platform. There seems to be a glut of 'indie' games on xbox as it is, and I imagine most of these will be multiplatform.
    It will be nice to get a look at the first-party stuff. I have no intention of getting the new xbox, but I'm still interested in Halo Infinite and Flight Simulator.

  4. Halo, Gears Tactics, Forza,Grounded, HellBlade, Battletoads and indie games are all Microsoft shows tomorrow. No big surprises. Just meh and eh. I do want to see Halo though.
    Korly-"Everyone here is an asshole, SURPRISE!"

  5. Halo looks really confusing. It's like they went back to the design of Combat Evolved but with modern tech and it doesn't match well. The art design department couldn't decided on a direction or something. An awkward realistic cartoon? It's not going for realism (the human they show looks rather rubbery) and a lot of the textures look flat shaded. Grappling hook looks fun (they always are) and the shield looked really cool, but that's the only thing that really jumped out at me. Big draw distance, recognizable sound and UI (the melee looks oddly low impact, they better fix that). I liked how 4 and 5 looked a lot and Infinite looks far from complete. Maybe it was too simple a location to show off.

    With so little footage of Forza shown off and no Xbox One tag shown, it makes me think it's more than a year away from coming out.

    I like the approach of As Dusk Falls, watercolor 2-d character cut-outs in 3d environments. It's headed by an ex-Quantum Dream lead designer.

    Avowed was all teaser but first person fantasy RPG by Obsidian is all I need to hear.

    The Gunk looks cool, I've never played SteamWorld so I have no idea how good the team is behind it. Really pretty, it's got some Luigi's Mansion action in it.

    A (new?) Phantasy Star Online 2 game for those that dig that. It's going to be released on everything.

    If Crossfire X legit looks like this, I'm all in. Today they announced that the campaign mode is being made by Remedy!

    Everwild (Rare) looks beautiful but no gameplay was shown! I don't really know what you do...rescue animals and team up with them? I hope the final game looks close to the trailer.

    All of Destiny 2 is coming, for those that care about that (Gamepass, so I'll probably end up trying it out). The new ice abilities in Beyond Light look really fun.

    The Medium looks awesome. Sign me up for some horror with this weird simultaneous world thing going on.

    Expansion to the Outer Worlds! I think they said one more expansion is being made too. Releases in September.

    Tell Me Why is from Dontnod (Life is Strange) so I'll probably like it.

    Square Enix with their new 3d platformer Balan Wonderworld looks Square-tastic. Some more love from Japan with Dragon Quest 11 being made.

    Psychonauts 2 looks pretty much the way I expected it would. Jack Black is a singing brain in a jar.

    I have Grounded preloaded on my PC, ready to check that out. Co-op Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

    Stalker 2 and State of Decay 3 are all teaser so I have nothing to really say about that.

    I'm totally down for Tetris Effect: Connected, which is I think more or less just an update to Tetris Effect for everyone who already owns TE.

    Warhammer 40k Darktide is by the Vermintide team. Never played that but iirc a lot of people say it's rad. Looks all CG trailer but it sure looked cool.

  6. It looks like the games I might care about will show up on XB1. I am totally fine with that.
    I'm much more curious about their plans for XBLG. If they're really phasing it out in favor of Gamepass and streaming, then that could mean online play would become free, like it should have been all along.

  7. Watched the Halo gameplay in 4k and it looks fun! Hopefully the graphics get tightened up a bit but if not, they look ok. About time we get to openly explore a Ring. Coop, 60fps, openworld Halo? Sign me up.
    Korly-"Everyone here is an asshole, SURPRISE!"

  8. I think once they get some quality new lighting and effects in the game it'll look way better. I've heard people think next gen is going to launch in October but I think November is more likely. Covid has fucked up everything, more time is needed to finish projects.

  9. There's going to be some sort of enhanced lighting on XSX, apparently.
    I like the idea of an open world Halo game. The last single player campaign I really liked was Reach, so I'm glad to see something different.

  10. I tried opening up the Halo: Master Cheif Collection on my PC, but for some reason Halo and Halo 2 wouldn't boot. MS needs to get that interface fixed. It's clunky.


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