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Thread: Xbox Series X/S (Official Thread)

  1. Yeah I'm looking at my mess of games also. Generally tho I'm happy we even have these options now. It means when I finally retire, I'll get to sit down and play as much as I want without worry of never having anything good anymore. Back when the Super NES was the main thing along with the Genesis, being an RPG fan was great and awful at the same time.

    Waiting a good several months to years for a good RPG because the market wasn't as interested in them as they are now.
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  2. Microsoft just bought Bethesda. Definitely can see Microsoft playing the long game of making Gamepass like Netflix.

    About time Microsoft did something big. Sony securing all these timed exclusives doesn’t seem like shit now.
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  3. New Vegas 2 please.

    They own Bethesda and Obsidian so there's nothing to stop them if they wanted to do it!

  4. Good for them. I wonder how long it will take for Bethesda to stop releasing Playstation games.

    I'll be sticking with the XBOX platform regardless since that's where most of my games are, but I can wait for the inevitable all black 1TB Series S.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    Good for them. I wonder how long it will take for Bethesda to stop releasing Playstation games.
    I highly doubt they ever will, even though they should. Microsoft execs still bring up that bit of backlash they got for securing Rise of the Tomb Raider as a timed exclusive, which is a bit different considering that was a sequel to a game that was already multiplatform but it still doesn't seem to fit their strategy. It's all about Game Pass for them now — they don't care much which platform you use it on as long as they get that subscription money.

    I have an Xbox One S but I hardly ever use it since I can't stand the controller. The fit is good but the materials are dirt cheap and I can't stand how the triggers rattle like a fisher price toy with no option to turn it off without disabling vibration all together. From the looks of it, the controllers for the new consoles will remain 99% unchanged. In terms of build quality, those controllers absolutely pale in comparison to a 360 or PS4 pad.

  6. I've been using a thrustmaster 360 controller with a brooks adaptor instead, but I didn't mind the xbone controller.
    The new model supposedly improves the bumpers and dpad, which weren't bad to begin with. I hope it's well made, because it's getting hard to find 360 controllers, and I'll need a new xbox/pc controller eventually.

  7. PS4 pad sucks, I had to take two of mine apart because the analog became erratic. Never had to do that for any other 1st party controllers.

  8. I'm now forced to use an Xbox One controller on my main gaming PC, because an update for Windows 10 killed support for the 360 pad. I had to remove the dongle from my living room PC, which will now need another dongle and XB1 controller to function.

    I love the PS4 controller, which I tried using with PC, but it kept turning off.

  9. It's weird that they would drop support for the dongle. I wonder if it's some expired certificate thing with WHQL drivers or something. Wired 360 pads work fine.

  10. I'm calling the USB stick a dongle. I had to buy one last month, when the Xbox 360 receiver got locked out by the latest update, for my living room PC. My main rig was still doing fine, until 2 days ago, when it got updated (had Ray Tracing drivers) to the latest version. I had to take the USB stick out of my living room PC, so my main rig would have controller support.


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