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Thread: Maybe it's time for Sega-16 to move to its own server, its making TNL run like absolute shit.

  1. Itís like that time I started reading the Ace Combat review in Gamefan. Uhhhhh....what?!
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  2. Except it wasn't an Ace Combat review, it was a College Football review.

  3. Oh yes. Looking over it now in the September 95 issue. I just remembered that someone was gushing over Ace
    Combat in all the wrong ways.
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  4. Yeah, though I had the issue in question it wasn't until years later that I learned of the offending text- because why would I read a sports game review when I cared about exactly ZERO sports games.

  5. I was so into Gamefan during it's original run that I actually read each issue cover-to-cover, including the sport game reviews (despite also giving zero shits about sports games OR sports in general). So yeah, when I rolled up on that review and was kindly informed that little Jap bastards apparently love to freak on military sims, I was kinda confused.

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  6. I miss the layout for sure. It was more visually exciting and colorful than most of the games it covered. The ads, especially the import stuff, were often as interesting to me as the articles were in my pre-internet days.
    The whole package was a nice complement/contrast to the stark and serious Next Generation, which was my favorite magazine back then.

  7. I think I went back to that issue, after reading the apology in a later issue.

    Next Gen was really cool, when they had all of those console breakdowns and comparisons of power when the PlayStation and Saturn launched. They also had a really cool look at 3DO's M2 technology. I was actually a member of the Daily Radar forums, before the magazine was discontinued.
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  8. It kind of went to shit when they officially changed the name to "Next Gen", around the time of the U.S. Dreamcast launch, but before that it had some great technology articles. I remember one interview in particular where they asked some expert about realtime graphics reaching parity with Toy Story, and she said something to the effect that it would take twenty years for PCs to get there. At the time, I thought that was pessimistic, but it turned out to be pretty accurate.

  9. It's starting to get slow again.


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