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Thread: Completion Thread 2020: Back For More Video

  1. Completion Thread 2020: Back For More Video

    1. Boneworks

    Probably the first thing that should be said about Boneworks is that it's a mess. Much of the player's body is physically simulated in a way that most games don't bother with (let alone VR games), and the player's viewport is at the mercy of a lot of unexpected motion. Pushing your hands outwards when you're facing a wall, for example, will push your body (and thus your head) backwards. It's a slightly uncomfortable game for me at times, and potentially a nightmare for those prone to VR sickness.

    That said, playing with these physically-simulated mechanics is pretty engrossing, especially at the start. There's a really cool and unique feeling to jumping, grabbing a ledge, and then pulling stuff off said ledge with your other hand. Or to using a crowbar to pull yourself up. Melee weapons can be held in all sorts of orientations, with one or two hands, and thanks to the simulated arms the difference in control and force is clear. The environments are full of breakable physics objects, and you'll often be climbing on makeshift stairs or having to cross precarious bridges. I'm not sold that the game would be worse if the climbing (the most uncomfortable part by far) were more artificial, though, and some of the physics "puzzles" can feel like a chore depending on the solution you try to use.

    Most of the enemies you run into are stupid zombies, but the physics help the combat stand out in its own way. Melee with them is surprisingly visceral: they flail to get at your face, they'll trip over stuff on the ground, you can grab them by the head in one hand and stab them with a knife in the other, push them off ledges, you name it. And this game's version of the Half-Life headcrab is an absolute joy to fight: their robotic limbs send them flying as you lean out of the way, knock them out of their flight path, try to shoot them, maybe even catch them. They're terrifying and had me in an absolute panic on first encounter. Guns are pretty much in the Pavlov mold, but heavier guns do have weight to them and you do have to be mindful of what your arms are capable of, again giving the experience some novelty.

    When you combine all of the above with an extremely well-executed Half-Life style tone and stages with a ton of stuff to find, you get a game that feels pretty magical at times. On the flip side, the retry structure and difficulty curve is baffling: dying generally keeps enemies dead and you have to trek back through an empty map, but sometimes it straight-up resets the whole map? Apparently the developers plan on adding mid-stage checkpoints in an upcoming update? And there's a slow-motion mechanic that is often EXTREMELY cool-looking, but for some reason they give you infinite slowmo juice.

    Give it a shot if you can stomach it. There's nothing else like it yet. I expect Half-Life Alyx to succeed where this game falters, though.
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  2. I tried it briefly while sitting down and started feeling typical VR movement sickness pretty quickly... Probably alleviated significantly if you have a VR space where you can stand and spin around.
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  3. 1. Remnant From the Ashes

    This game took me by surprise. It is free on GamePass, so I tried it about 3 weeks ago and could not put it down. 40 hours later, I completed this game. It has been described as Dark Souls with guns, and that is fairly accurate as it borrows a lot of the set up from DS series. However, it also does its own thing very well. I typically dread the word "procedurally generated" but this game pulls it off fairly well. There are over-world maps that are well designed, with dungeons layout that are instanced for that world. Different instances will actually have different boss encounters on top of dungeon designs. You can always re-generate your world but your story will also reset.

    Speaking of story, it is heavily influenced by The Dark Tower series, so much so that I think if you ever want to play a videogame in the TDT world, this is about as close as it gets. It even has a tower that connects to different worlds. Co-op is a lot of fun as well, I highly recommend this game. I will continue playing this online just to see what things I have missed in my first run.

  4. 1) Pokemon Sword

    Real talk? Missed opportunity here. I totally put 46 hours in and I hit Masterball tier in both versions of the battle tower and I'll play the DLC, all and all a good game. But on a console that saw Zelda make the greatest open world game ever and Mario make the best 3D platformer ever, for gamefreak to kind of phone this in is dissaponting. It just could have been so much better.

  5. Pokemon Sword didnt come out on wii u...

  6. Yuck, yeah. Was really keen on Pokemon when the original Game Boy games came out but I haven't touched the series since. Needless to say, this new entry was... um, well, I thought it was just pretty mediocre. I could hardly stand to put a few hours into it. The Pokemon designs are cool and all, but the gameplay and writing... I just couldn't...

  7. I just don’t get the appeal of Pokémon. I’m not into collectathons, so maybe that’s it.

  8. 2) Grand Theft Auto V

    I'd been itching to play the story again, but I didn't really want to redo all the side stuff and especially didnt want to not have access to my billions of dollars without grinding out the stock market and assassinations again, so I didn't want to wipe my save. Then they added it to Gamepass (I played on PS4 orginally) so I was in. This is hands down the best GTA and now that I'm done with the story I'm immediately gonna boot up my PS4 save and fuck around hard with stupid vehicles.

    Also I completed the game and got zero achievements. Which I don't give a shit about, but that's wierd right? That a major game like this awards ZERO achievements for 100% story completion.

  9. 3) Spyro the Dragon

    I got the Reingnited Trilogy but never actually finished anything on it because it came out during holiday season 2018 and got lost in the shuffle of actual new releases. They did such a good job with these remasters, they look fucking great, control slightly better, but are very true to the originals in all the ways that matter. I really liked how unique all the dragons were when you saved them, instead of basically being just 3 models reused over and over because a team of like 7 people made the original. These are pretty quick games, even if you 100% them, so I'm gonna finish up the rest of the trilogy as I've never played the other two before.

  10. 4) Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage

    Ok, that was even quicker than I thought it would be. Overall an improvement over the first with some cleaner level design. I liked the power ups a lot, and paying money bags to unlock new moves gave a nice feeling of progression the first game really lacked.

    Every chasing mini game can suck a fuck, though.


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