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Thread: Completion Thread 2020: Back For More Video

  1. 2) The Typing of the Dead: OverkillI can type.
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  2. 26. Goldeneye 007

    Only ever played multiplayer back in the day. I definitely understand praise for the campaign now, though: the controls are obviously pre-Halo but work pretty well largely due to the generous auto-aim, the wide range of objectives keep the missions pretty novel throughout, and the enemy animations are super cool. A few of the levels were bad enough to make me drop difficulty down to default, but overall it was pretty fun.

  3. The amazing part of that game is that you can watch the movie and see how they made the levels from it. It's the best movie property game ever made.

    I have completed Streets of Rage 4 with all achievements. Took a long time but the game still rules.

  4. It's been an eternity since I've seen the movie but I believe it, it feels in-line with what I remember.

    27. Mr. Driller

    Arcade mode, 1000M mode. God, this gets the heart pumping. The mechanics in this game rule, and as you play you slowly learn how to feel out how massive chunks of blocks will chain-react to each move and what sort of slippery maneuvers you can do to ensure you don't get crushed. The difficulty curve is pretty much perfect up to clear, getting blisteringly fast at the end. The 500M mode serves as an excellent introduction, too.

    I'm guessing the arcade sequels are big improvements (Mr. Driller G was stationed in so many of the arcades I visited this year, so I assume it pretty much obsoletes this game), but I guess I'll have to find out! And of course, Drill Land seems like an excellent complimentary game even if it doesn't offer the same kind of tight arcade challenge.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rumpy View Post
    The amazing part of that game is that you can watch the movie and see how they made the levels from it. It's the best movie property game ever made.
    Better than Shrek SuperSlam?

  6. SOMEBODY told me Shrek SuperSlam is at best 7/10.

  7. 12) Crysis Remastered (PS4)
    Can PS4 run Crysis? Sure, it can run it just fine... on Performance mode with a PS4 Pro. The 1800p Quality mode isn't really worth the lower frame rate. Performance (1080p) looks good enough and is much smoother. The one downside is that it's based on the PS3/360 versions, so you don't get the Ascension level. I finished it on Delta.

    Finished in 2020: 14 games (PS4: 10, Arcade: 1, Amiga: 1, PC: 2)

  8. #7 Fighters History Dynamite

    On easy mode, but I did 1cc it. It is still one of the ugliest fighting game ever made, but that is part of its charm. Fun 2nd/3rd tier fighting game.
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  9. God of War (2018)

    Was lukewarm at first, but I quite enjoyed it. The optional side missions really make it worthwhile. The Valkyrie boss fights were excellent and a lot of fun. I wish some of the optional realms (e.g. Niflheim) were developed a bit further. They could have been really interesting had they really developed those concepts a bit, but they turn out to be a bit excessively grindy.
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  10. Those Valkyries kicked my ass. The 1st few were okay, but the 4th one was ridiculously hard.


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