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Thread: Completion Thread 2020: Back For More Video

  1. 28. Serious Sam 4

    Played on hard, no quicksaves.

    Serious Sam 3 is the first game in the series that I loved and is probably one of my top three first-person shooter campaigns of the past decade. Serious Sam 4 is a worthy sequel. Just about all of 3's strengths are here: the cast of enemies has a ton of distinct roles (all with readable cues to help you understand what's going on in the gigantic arena battles), the weapons all have their specialties, the arena destruction and dust effects are great (though underutilized this time around), the ammo is paced well enough to make you use everything thoroughly, the scope is huge, the autosaves are rolling (play it without quicksaves), and the music rules.

    The most obvious mechanical additions are headshots, gadgets, vehicles, and a skill tree. The headshots are clearly indicated and deal enough damage to make you want to land them. The gadgets are a blast to use and super powerful, making them a great incentive to do the clearly-marked sidequests and to find a lot of the game's smaller secrets. The vehicle segments are rare but mostly pretty fun. I'm not crazy about how you can respec the skill tree mid-battle, but mercifully the tree is small and non-granular. Some of the abilities to unlock are awesome, and thankfully the most fun one (using enemies as mounts to ride around the battlefield) is also one of the most useful. I also noticed that, moreso than in Sam 3, the secrets range from endearingly stupid sideshows (like stumbling across a soccer field hosting a botmatch of a bunch of Sams playing Shitty Rocket League) to genuinely clever jump puzzles.

    Most other complaints are pretty minor. The scale of the game keeps growing right up to the end, but the final fight is a bit overshadowed by the fights leading up to it. Performance isn't good right now. Modes are surprisingly sparse. Definitely not enough to hold this back from being one of the best FPS campaigns out there.
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  2. 29. Bay Route

    Sick Contra-style arcade game, cleared without continues. It very vaguely feels like what Raf World/Journey to Silius might be as an arcade game. Cool setting, cool (but mostly easy) bosses, nice aesthetics and stage progression. There are four weapons, each upgradeable and each with their own uses (except the stupid grenade), and since they reset each stage you have to learn how to fend with the starting equipment a bit.

    The health system is very strange: you have an upgradeable 2-hit health meter, but when you respawn you always respawn with a single hit point. This kinda turns your health meter into an outer shield and your lives into an inner HP core, and you're often scrambling and praying for a green HP refill from the randomized enemy drops once you've lost your first life. It's not a bad system, necessarily, but one to adjust to.

  3. I put in around 745 hours playing Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. It took me that long to complete every Steam Achievement for that game. I don't want to see this game for a really long time. When I do play it again, it will be with a Star Wars mod.

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  4. Wow, that is insane.

  5. Space Ponies was the toughest one, which I’d finally got about a month ago. It’s pretty much just a random find. The last one requires you to pretty much use the largest map with @140 planets. Since the game isn’t designed for more than 2 cores, even my 9900K @ 5Ghz struggled during large battles.

  6. How many months did it take to play that many hours? I can't imagine not getting sick of a game after that long.

  7. I believe a part of this was from Trinity, which I was playing in early 2019. I think I started Rebellion early last year. I’d have to look at the achievements to see how far back they go.

  8. I believe a part of this was from Trinity, which I was playing in early 2018. I think I started Rebellion early last year. I’d have to look at the achievements to see how far back they go.

  9. My 1st trophy was in April of 2020, but I believe that a lot of those hours had to have come under Trinity. Trinity no longer shows up in my Steam folder, so I believe that those 745 hours were accumulated between the original, Trinity and Rebellion, and are all lumped together as Rebellion. I think I was at around 550 hours in July.

  10. 30. Dark Souls III - DLC

    Played through the base game again because it doesn't have cloud saves, lol.

    Some extremely cool environments and boss battles in this one. Probably the Ringed City is maybe the best boss run in the series. Also has one of the worst bonfire stretches in the series. Overall super good.

    31. Star Wars: Squadrons

    Mostly great. This isn't a genre I've spent a lot of time with and on Veteran mode here I was a bit confused on some of the finer points of the mechanics, but ultimately I found the core dogfight mechanics to be pretty engaging and issuing commands on top of them wound up playing a pretty large role. The VR support in a game like this is hard to mess up, but the cockpits are all sick looking and it's pretty satisfying to follow an enemy visually by watching them fly over your shoulder.

    Overall there really aren't any surprises here. I just wish that the few Starfox-y linear bits were expanded on a bit, but this is a minor complaint. I should dig into the multiplayer.


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