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Thread: Completion Thread 2020: Back For More Video

  1. 32. Strania EX

    1cc'd Strania-Normal course. This is an expanded 2020 arcade release of an awesome, varied "memorizer" that got completely overlooked in 2011. I played a bit of it back then but didn't dedicate. I knew it had a cool three-slot two-arms weapon system, a mech theme that reminded me of 90s Taito, lots of terrain, and some flashy presentation, but I didn't know how awesome and dramatic the later stages would get. Some of the bosses can get steamrolled pretty easily if you're playing for pure survival, but each stage is extremely unique and figuring out ideal weapons and strategies is a lot of fun. There's also a ton here: the game includes an entirely separate set of levels in the Vower side, which I have yet to dig into, and both Strania and Vower sides have user-selectable difficulty courses (kinda like Mushihimesama but probably not as drastic?).

    Normal mode provided a good challenge for sure, I can't imagine what the later parts of the new Hell mode is like.

    The scoring system is something I don't totally understand, but a large part of it encourages you to constantly switch weapons. Seems pretty hectic and fun.

  2. 33. Top Secret: Hitler no Fukkatsu

    had to play a fan translation to get all the cool famicom version stuff, naturally

    Awesome game. The swing mechanics are really fun to learn, and I like the world map and lightweight backtracking structure. The continue system is pretty silly: the top-down stages are mindless and let you really easily stock up on continues, and the game probably would have made more sense to just give you unlimited in the first place. Those stages are super brief and don't really drag things down, though.

    Only thing I would have liked to see more of was the type of swinging marathon design that you see in the late stages.

    Great ending.

  3. 34. Ghostrunner

    A first-person action game focused around platforming through Titanfall-style movement and simple combat. I liked a lot of this. The core movement is satisfying (like in Titanfall), the slow-mo lateral slide is pretty novel, the player powers are all useful and encourage different styles of play, the arenas are well laid out and not obviously exploitable, new elements are introduced at a perfect pace (with many of the best elements showing up late-game), and even the upgrade system is pretty fun to toy with!

    The downsides are largely related to the structure. This is a game built around extremely short challenges. Everything dies in one hit and segments are brutally hard with checkpoints rarely more than 20 seconds apart. Playing some of the harsher challenges in this game I found myself blasting through double-digit lives per minute, and these parts in particular made me really want to see a game like this built around a three-hit health bar and more spaced out checkpoints. The game also has some occasionally big readability issues, and I was pretty underwhelmed with an RTX implementation. Still pretty good though!

  4. 35. Mobile Suit Gundam - Side Story I

    These are some of the best visual on Saturn, it's kinda wild. I always loved how Gungriffon looks and this is basically a step up from that. Smart use of VDP2 planes, super cool pixel-animated explosions and dust kickup effects, cool low-poly cities with elegant texture work... it rules. Breezy control mechanics, too, largely based on locking on, dashing, and occasionally using L and R to oversteer to lead a shot. Really cool foundation.

    ...But just when you think things could turn interesting, it ends. I haven't played the follow-up Saturn games yet, but if they're all this small you could add them all up and maybe be, like, slightly longer than Bulk Slash.
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  5. I completed Ary and the Secret of Seasons the other day. It's a cute, competent, Zelda clone that simply wasn't ready to hit the market. I've never played a game with so many glitches. Sometimes, I'd complete a quest and the game acted like the quest was not completed. Other side quests weren't able to be completed because the NPCs would randomly stop talking to me. In one three hour play session, the game bricked on me five times and booted me back to the Switch's home screen. Entire areas of the over world would disappear and reappear at times. Then, there was the usual clipping through walls, falling through the solid ground into nothingness, floating in the air, the character getting stuck in balancing animations, the character suddenly losing a leg etc.

    Honestly, I was surprised I finished this game. Like I said, it's cute, and it does have some really great ideas. The dungeons are well designed, and the changing of seasons to solve puzzles is used in clever ways. There is a good game somewhere in here. It just isn't finished, and it probably needed another year or so of development time. The small development team obviously bit off a bit more than they could chew.

  6. Horizon Zero Dawn

    This is Monster Hunter: Open World Game, if Capcom had the balls to ditch their formula and actually make a truly open world RPG. I enjoyed Monster Hunter World but this game made me focus on all of MHW's flaws. Like, what if instead of sticking to the same tired quest structure, Monster Hunter actually put us in a constantly breathing world and let us hunt to our heart's content? The answer is that it would look something like Horizon Zero Dawn!

    The game has a plot but it's pretty laid back about letting you take it on whenever you want. The DLC is the best of any game I've played since Bloodborne. I'm sorry I slept on this game for so long. I'm one achievement away from the platinum, and then I'll probably play through it again on Ultra Hard.
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  7. 36. Shadow of the Beast

    Original Amiga release. Wasn't at all expecting this to be a tough no-continues game! Super cool music, lots of cool environments, wildly inconsistent monster designs that range from awesome to incredibly stupid, and I think the light touch of nonlinearity rules. It's not rock-solid mechanically, but the huge amount of monster variety and the relatively short length makes it extremely memorable, so you can pretty easily keep track of what monsters have the weirdo hitboxes, which spurts of randomization are the most dangerous, and so on. Combine that with a really satisfying punch attack and some clever gauntlets and it's a good time.

  8. If you decide to play the other games in the series, SotB2 is hard as hell on Amiga, just totally unforgiving and obtuse, but at least the music is great. The Genesis port is much more reasonable. The Sega CD and FM Towns ports are even easier.
    I haven't played SotB3, but I've read that it's actually a really good game, and much better than the first two.

  9. Game Pass added a bunch of great stuff recently, so I've had a variety.

    Streets of Rage 4: 100% completion. Loved it. The last time I played it, an update changed the enemy layout of the last level which was really surprising.

    Doom Eternal- This game is nuts. A right sequel to 2016 Doom, which I also loved. I think this one is more difficult, I played on what counts as normal and got chewed up plenty. One of the most intense shooters I've ever played, the gameplay loop is incredibly satisfying. It's old school unforgiving too, learn the enemy patterns, know what weapons work best on what monster, and you better aim well or you're dead meat. Crushing a room of demons with ammo and health to spare feels like a biblical good vs evil accomplishment every time. The level design is really good. Soundtrack: awesome.

    The number of options to keep track of and juggle can get overwhelming. 2 grenade types, flame belch, blood punch, chainsaw, almost every weapon has 3 firing modes.

    Full Throttle Remastered: I think it's been twenty years since I played this and I surprisingly remembered half of it. Fun theme, all the updates look nice, and it's not a long game.

    Grim Fandango Remastered: I played this not long after it originally came out and I think I made it half way through. I got further this time but stopped because I got trapped at one point with no way out in Act 3 (the part with the huge chain and the conveyor belt). My last manual save file was a good hour before that and I couldn't be bothered to go through all of that again. I like the story a lot, love the setting and style, Manny is a great character, and the VO is very good too. The puzzles can be holy shit obtuse though.

  10. 37. Shadow of the Beast (2016)

    Strange game. It's kind of like if NRS made a side-view action game with a Platinum-style Scoring By Encounter structure and using Batman-style combat where range doesn't really matter. There's a lot of cancelling anything and everything into blocking, so once you learn the whack animations you're pretty much set, but it'll take a while to adjust to that and you'll have to sit through some brutal loading times on the way.

    THAT SAID, the designs are pretty cool, and when you get into the flow of things it can be pretty fun. It doesn't overstay its welcome at all. Not bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    If you decide to play the other games in the series, SotB2 is hard as hell on Amiga, just totally unforgiving and obtuse, but at least the music is great. The Genesis port is much more reasonable. The Sega CD and FM Towns ports are even easier.
    I haven't played SotB3, but I've read that it's actually a really good game, and much better than the first two.
    Thanks for the heads up. I plan on playing the rest of the series eventually but it'll probably be a while.


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