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Thread: Completion Thread 2020: Back For More Video

  1. Last of Us, Part II - this series should just be the blueprint for story telling in a video game. Fantastic game.

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    36. Shadow of the Beast

    Original Amiga release. Wasn't at all expecting this to be a tough no-continues game! Super cool music, lots of cool environments, wildly inconsistent monster designs that range from awesome to incredibly stupid, and I think the light touch of nonlinearity rules. It's not rock-solid mechanically, but the huge amount of monster variety and the relatively short length makes it extremely memorable, so you can pretty easily keep track of what monsters have the weirdo hitboxes, which spurts of randomization are the most dangerous, and so on. Combine that with a really satisfying punch attack and some clever gauntlets and it's a good time.
    That game frustrates the shit out of me. You had things like the spike coming out of the ground and then areas where your literally timing punches like Kung Fu master as a whole group comes at you at once.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
    Last of Us, Part II - this series should just be the blueprint for story telling in a video game. Fantastic game.
    The story was fantastic but I found the actual game to be kinda boring. I was playing just to progress the story. I was also playing at night and kept falling asleep during gameplay.
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  4. 13) XIII (2020 remake, PC)
    I'm somewhat disappointed with Microids/PlayMagic's remake of XIII. The comic book style of the original is toned down, and the new look is a bit too Fortnite-ish. Boss fights lack challenge. Unlike the original, you'll have to give up your 9mm silenced pistol if you want to take a .45 Magnum or an Uzi. There is mouse acceleration and you can't disable it, which makes the aiming feel janky. Death animations look like they're capped at 30 FPS. The AI is bad.

    The PS4 version gives you more glitches for the extra $10, with character models sometimes getting FUBAR, and frequent crashing. The framerate tanks horribly at times even on a PS4 Pro and the screen tearing is maddening. Whether it's for PC or PS4, don't be in a rush to buy this just yet. Wait until they patch it. Microids has issued a statement apologizing for their remake being a bit subpar. It seems like they released this too early.

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